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Gentoo Infrastructure (bug list)
1 146483 can't comment on bug 94450 "You tried to change [...] from other to Other" (Show Votes)
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Gentoo Linux (bug list)
1 44801 ebuild for the vassalengine libraries (Show Votes)
1 44803 ebuild for the vassalengine (Show Votes)
1 133140 Ada compilers: enabling ACATS tests (Show Votes)
1 137268 [TRACKER] Ada reorganization tracker bug (Show Votes)
1 158408 stuff Ada lib paths into conf files instead of env vars? (Show Votes)
1 160593 ada/gnat related libraries and utilities need updaing or are missing (Show Votes)
1 167000 split off common stuff in gnat related eclasses/confs into a separate eclass? (Show Votes)
1 184700 sys-libs/ncurses: improve ada support (Show Votes)
1 185001 check whether that blurb in pkg_postrm of gnatbuild.eclass is necessary (Show Votes)
1 216244 dev-ada/polyorb-2.1.0 build fails when building it's ravenscar modules (Show Votes)
1 219219 dev-ada/polyorb-2.1.0 fails when building against gnat-gcc-4.3 (Show Votes)
1 250055 dev-ada/adasockets fails to build (Show Votes)
1 256056 user allowed to end other user's or even root's session by shutting down (Show Votes)
1 269274 sys-libs/glibc is unable to detect version of gold linker (Show Votes)
1 299094 dev-lang/gnat-gcc fails parallel install (Show Votes)
1 299612 dev-lang/gnat-gpl fails parallel install (Show Votes)
1 310059 dev-ada/florist: build fails owing to source violation of style checks (Show Votes)
1 327043 dev-lang/gnat-gcc-4.3.4 - precompiled bundled gcc is linked against old libmpfr (Show Votes)
1 329459 Please stabilize dev-lang/gnat-gpl- (Show Votes)
1 331463 dev-lang/gnat-gpl version bump, new upstream 2010 version (Show Votes)
1 362753 app-eselect/eselect-gnat: removal (was: gnat.eselect contains code in global scope) (Show Votes)
1 371322 dev-lang/gnat-gcc-4.3.2 - work/gcc-4.3.2/libgcc/../gcc/unwind-pe.h:136: error: expected declaration specifiers or ‘...’ before ‘_uleb128_t’ (Show Votes)
1 372179 dev-lang/gnat-gcc-4.3.2 fails to compile: C compiler cannot create executables (Show Votes)
1 379983 please stabilize latest dev-lang/gnat-gcc version per slot (Show Votes)
1 386661 [portage-multilib] dev-lang/gnat-gcc: configure error for x85-abi due to gnatboot-4.4-amd64.tar.bz2 (Show Votes)
1 392727 dev-lang/gnat-gcc-4.3.5: fetch failed missing gnatboot-4.3-amd64.tar.bz2 (Show Votes)
1 400701 dev-lang/gnat-gcc-4.4.5 cannot find (Show Votes)
1 402157 Remove dev-lang/gnat-gcc and dev-ada/asis-gcc (Show Votes)
1 402493 dev-ada/adasockets- - gnatmake: "listener.adb" compilation error (Show Votes)
1 418377 sys-devel/icecream-0.9.7 with sys-devel/gcc-4.6.3 - icecream-create-env: gcc: fatal error: -fuse-linker-plugin, but not found (Show Votes)
1 421739 dev-lang/gnat-gpl fails to build with most modern -march= values (Show Votes)
1 480018 sys-apps/lm_sensors-3.3.4: /etc/init.d/lm_sensors should not check for MODULES_0 in /etc/conf.d/lm_sensors (Show Votes)
1 501178 dev-lang/gnat-gcc-4.6.4: gnatmake always fails because it cannot find (Show Votes)
1 502444 dev-lang/gnat-gcc-? version bump (Show Votes)
1 514074 dev-lang/gnat-gpl- fails to build (Show Votes)
1 515408 dev-lang/gnat-gcc-4.3.6: useflags not in IUSE (Show Votes)
1 515534 sys-apps/man-[1.6g, -1.6g-r1] - HOMEPAGE and SRC_URI unreachable (Show Votes)
1 520154 dev-lang/gnat-gcc-4.7.3 ?/gnatboot-4.6 - add HPPA support (Show Votes)
1 528854 dev-ada/aunit-2.03 - gnatgcc: fatal error: -fuse-linker-plugin, but not found (Show Votes)
1 547358 toolchain.eclass: add Ada support (for >=gcc-4.4.7), using binary gcc image for bootstrap (Show Votes)
1 560242 KDE:s File Already Exists dialogue is missing file sizes and modification times (Show Votes)
1 560286 dev-lang/gnat-gcc-4.6.4-r1: USE Flag 'multilib' not in IUSE for dev-lang/gnat-gcc-4.6.4 (Show Votes)
1 576482 dev-lang/gnat-gpl- fais to compile, dev-lang/gnat-gcc succeeds (Show Votes)
1 592060 Add Ada to toolchain.eclass (Show Votes)
1 649894 sci-mathematics/octave-4.2.1 configure: error: A BLAS library was detected but found incompatible with your Fortran 77 compiler settings. (Show Votes)
1 703778 dev-python/paramiko-2.7.1 failed to emerge with USE=doc (Show Votes)
1 788184 dev-python/scipy-1.6.1: compilation failed "RuntimeError: NumPy was built with baseline optimizations: (SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3 SSE41 POPCNT SSE42) but your machine doesn't support: (POPCNT)" (Show Votes)
47 votes used out of 50 allowed.

Portage Development (bug list)
1 119713 equery depgraph should show a better-looking tree, like "pstree -G" (Show Votes)
1 571266 app-portage/gentoolkit-0.3.1: revdep-rebuild does not detect breakage that does (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 10 allowed.

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