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Bug # Dupe
Change in last
7 day(s)
Component Severity Priority Target Milestone Summary
41124 333 0 Current packages normal High --- configure: error: XML::Parser perl module is required for [...] - YOU NEED TO RUN `perl-cleaner'
20600 290 0 [OLD] Unspecified normal High --- Compilation failure metabug
73435 210 0 New packages normal High --- " 3.4" messes its updates
64615 163 0 [OLD] KDE blocker High --- kde packages fail to build because of mixing different GCC versions
300071 108 0 Conceptual/Abstract Ideas normal High --- [TRACKER] Portage dependency conflict resolution
79606 94 0 New packages normal High --- Portage does not intelligently resolve blocks
419473 77 0 [OLD] Keywording and Stabilization enhancement Normal --- Xorg stabilization list for June
512012 69 0 [OLD] Keywording and Stabilization normal Normal --- Gnome 3.12 stabilization
319101 68 0 Current packages trivial High --- generic "ld: cannot find -lpng15" bug for broken libtool files (.la)
128069 68 0 Current packages normal High --- [Tracker] emerge fails after upgrading to dev-libs/expat-2.0.0
175808 59 0 Core - Dependencies minor High --- emerge should intelligently solve circular dependencies triggered by flags such as USE="doc"
447566 54 0 Current packages normal Normal --- x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-* fails to build/load/run with kernel-*
23851 54 0 Unclassified major High --- [TRACKER] Portage should validate ability to install before installing
135745 53 0 [OLD] Core system normal High --- gcc tries to write gcda files in wrong dir (read-only by sandbox).
104088 53 0 Current packages normal High --- xml2po breakage (ImportError: No module named libxml2)
11359 53 0 Enhancement/Feature Requests enhancement Highest --- [NEW FEATURE] pkg_postinst/pkg_preinst ewarn/einfo logging
413299 47 0 [OLD] GNOME enhancement Normal --- gnome2.eclass should allow user patches (epatch_user)
159922 46 0 Current packages normal High --- sys-apps/coreutils-6.7-r1 has no /bin/install and breaks ruby extconf.rb. See commen #2
125728 44 0 [OLD] Core system normal Highest --- gcc installs .la files containing broken paths
101433 44 0 [OLD] Core system normal High --- "access" system call can cause access violation

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The Most Frequent Bugs page lists the known open bugs which are reported most frequently, counting the number of direct and indirect duplicates of bugs. This information is provided in order to assist in minimizing the amount of duplicate bugs entered into Gentoo's Bugzilla, which saves time for Quality Assurance engineers who have to triage the bugs.

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