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Bug 455806 - net-analyzer/{nagios,nagios-core}-3.5.1 - version bump request
Summary: net-analyzer/{nagios,nagios-core}-3.5.1 - version bump request
Alias: None
Product: Gentoo Linux
Classification: Unclassified
Component: New packages (show other bugs)
Hardware: All Linux
: Normal normal (vote)
Assignee: Sysadmin Bugs
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Reported: 2013-02-06 08:50 UTC by Tomáš Mózes
Modified: 2014-09-08 01:03 UTC (History)
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Fixes upstream bug 407 (nagios-notification-bug407.patch,469 bytes, patch)
2013-03-02 11:07 UTC, Fredric Johansson
Details | Diff
nagios-core-3.5.0.ebuild (nagios-core-3.5.0.ebuild,6.39 KB, text/plain)
2013-03-29 19:27 UTC, Fredric Johansson
nagios-core-3.5.0.ebuild (nagios-core-3.5.0.ebuild,6.38 KB, text/plain)
2013-03-29 19:42 UTC, Fredric Johansson

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Description Tomáš Mózes 2013-02-06 08:50:19 UTC
The ebuild for 3.3.1 works for the newest version. Tested to work with nrpe-2.14 (and also with the older version 2.13-r4).

Nagios 3.x Change Log

3.4.4 - 01/12/2013
* Reenabled check for newer versions of Nagios Core (Mike Guthrie)
* Fixed bug #408: service checks get duplicated on reload (Eric Stanley)
* Fixed bug #401: segmentation fault on Solaris when parsing unknown timeperiod directives. (Eric Stanley)
* Added NULL pointer checks to CGI code. (Eric Stanley)
* Fixed buffer overflow vulnerability in CGI code. Thanks to Neohapsis ( for finding this. (Eric Stanley)

3.4.3 - 11/30/2012
* Reverted squeue changes intended for Nagios 4
* Reapplied all patches from 3.4.2 release
* Applied fix for pagination and sorting on status.cgi #381 (Phil Randal)

3.4.2 - 11/09/2012
* Fixed issue where deleting a downtime could cause Nagios to crash (Eric Stanley)
* Corrected logic so that end times for flexible downtimes are calculated from the downtime start rather than the current time in the case where Nagios is restarted (Eric Stanley)
* Fixed issue introduced by fix for bug #124 where flexible downtimes are not taken into account on Nagios restart. (Scott Wilkerson, Eric Stanley)
* Fixed bug #247: If a service reports no performance data, the perfdata log file has no line indicating the test. (
* Fixed link for unhandled unreachable host problems on tactical overview page (Rudolf Cejka)
* Fixed bug #345 with wild card searches not paging properly on status.cgi (Phil Randal)
* Fixed bug #343 on status.cgi where Service Group Summary can potentially show wrong totals (Mark Ziesemer)
* Fixed memory leaks on SIGHUP (Carlos Velasco)

3.4.1 - 05/11/2012
* Double quotes in check_command definition break functionality (#332, reverts #86)

3.4.0 - 05/04/2012
* Added service_check_timeout_state configuration variable (Bill McGonigle)
* Permanently remove sleep on run_event == FALSE in main loop (Max <>)
* Reduce notification load by moving notification viability check into notification list creation (Opsview Team)
* Added code to apply allow_empty_hostgroup_assignment flag to host and service dependencies (Daniel Wittenberg)
* Users can now see hostgroups and servicegroups that contain at least one host or service they are authorized for, instead of having to be authorized for them all (Ethan Galstad)
* RSS feed boxes fallback if an error occurs (Ethan Galstad)
* RSS feeds no longer block main page load (Mike Guthrie)

* Fix $NOTIFICATIONRECIPIENTS$ macro to contain all contacts assigned to host|service, not only notified contacts (Bug #98 Matt Harrington)
* Scheduled Downtime Notifications Resent On Nagios Restart/reload (Bug #124 - ricardo)
* NOTIFICATIONTYPE MACRO never became CUSTOM (Bug #168 - Alexey Dvoryanchikov)
* Plugged minor memory leaks in notification logic
Comment 1 Fredric Johansson 2013-03-02 11:02:51 UTC
This version has been working fine for me for the last two weeks. I have applied one patch fixing a bug in escaping in notification emails after a reload.
Comment 2 Fredric Johansson 2013-03-02 11:07:56 UTC
Created attachment 340742 [details, diff]
Fixes upstream bug 407

Patch for upstream bug 407 in notification
Comment 3 Marko Weber Bürgermeister 2013-03-24 11:30:24 UTC
Version 3.5.0 is out.

3.5.0 - 03/15/2013
Comment 4 Tomáš Mózes 2013-03-25 07:44:30 UTC
3.5.0 - 03/15/2013
* Fixed bug #403: The "configuration" page of the webui doesn't use entity encoding when displaying the "command expansion" item (Eric Stanley, Phil Randal)
* Fixed bug #424: Nagios Core 3.4.4 seg fault (core dump) on restart after removing config for running service (Eric Stanley)
* Updated CGI utility functions to support UTF-8 characters (Eric Stanley)
* Fixed bug where selecting Command Expansion from Configuration CGI page would display commands instead (Eric Stanley)
* Fixed bug #369: status.cgi crashes with segfault when there are german ulauts (äöüß) in the hostname or the servicename (Eric Stanley)
* Fixed bug #418: Scheduled Downtime Notifications Resent On Nagios Restart/reload (Eric Stanley)
Comment 5 Fredric Johansson 2013-03-29 19:27:29 UTC
Created attachment 343674 [details]

Updated ebuild using the patch above and fixing the htdocs permissions, image modes and /usr/sbin permissions
Comment 6 Fredric Johansson 2013-03-29 19:32:38 UTC
Note: the above ebuild does not (yet) fix the permissions on the htdocs directories if they already exist in the system
Comment 7 Fredric Johansson 2013-03-29 19:42:25 UTC
Created attachment 343678 [details]

A minor edit (forgot to remove -v to the ch* commands)
Comment 8 Tomáš Mózes 2013-11-11 09:29:46 UTC
3.5.1 - 08/30/2013
* Added handler for SIGXFSZ signal (Eric Stanley)
* Fixed bug #444: Nagios 3.5.0 problem with macro $ADMINEMAIL$ : @ is converted to %40 after 2 nagios reload (Duplicate of bug #407)
* Fixed bug #407: Reloading nagios config causes spaces in notifications to become plus signs (Alexey Dvoryanchikov)
* Fixed bug #445: Adding triggered downtime for child hosts causes a SIGSEGV on restart/reload (Eric Stanley)
* Fixed bug #375: Freshness expiration never reached and bug #427: freshness threshold doesn't work if it is set long (Scott Wilkerson, Eric Stanley)
* Fixed bug #432: Downtime scheduled as "Nagios Process" and not the Users name (Sam Lansing, Eric Stanley)
Comment 9 Tomáš Mózes 2013-11-11 10:54:20 UTC
3.5.1 seems to work on amd64 with apache.

--- /usr/portage/net-analyzer/nagios-core/nagios-core-3.3.1.ebuild      2012-09-06 03:31:21.000000000 +0200
+++ nagios-core-3.5.1.ebuild    2013-11-11 11:50:31.508242688 +0100
@@ -38,7 +38,6 @@

 src_prepare() {
-       epatch "${FILESDIR}/nagios-3.3.1-htmlmakefile.patch"
        local strip="$(echo '$(MAKE) strip-post-install')"
        sed -i -e "s:${strip}::" {cgi,base}/ || die "sed failed in"
Comment 10 Michael Orlitzky gentoo-dev 2014-09-08 01:03:15 UTC
*nagios-3.5.1 (02 Sep 2014)

  02 Sep 2014; Chris Reffett <> +nagios-3.5.1.ebuild:
  Bump along with nagios-core

*nagios-core-3.5.1 (02 Sep 2014)

  02 Sep 2014; Chris Reffett <>
  +files/nagios-core-3.5.1-process_cgivars.patch, +nagios-core-3.5.1.ebuild:
  Bump to 3.5.1 and add patch wrt security bugs 501200, 495132, 447802