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Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
ALLARCHES Added by maintainers. Any arch team that stabilizes a package for their own arch can stabilize other arches at the same time without further testing. Search 2207
Bug This is a real bug that should get attention soon. Search 362
CC-ARCHES Have NATTkA CC arches once sanity-check succeeds Search 6807
EBUILD Marks an issue to be a user submitted ebuild. Search 14624
Goal Defines a 'Goal' within the product. A top level feature that can be used for tracking duplicate/similar reports and requests. (metabugs are similar) Search 56
Inclusion Contains content that should be reviewed for integration. Patches, apps/scripts, etc... Search 1650
InOverlay A case where someone is working on this maintained-needed ebuild in an overlay to test their fixes before including it in an ebuild in the tree. Search 2417
InVCS Fix has been added to a VCS(either CVS, SVN, Git, ...) repository. Will be closed when fixes are applied to a stable level package. Search 8708
KEYWORDREQ Request for a package to be keyworded for ~arch Search 4709
LATER The bug will be dealt with at a later date. Search 41
NeedPatch Someone has to provide a patch for the bug to receive further attention. Search 995
PATCH This bug contains a patch Search 7981
PMASKED Package is currently package masked. Search 5208
PullRequest The bug has a pull request filed (should be linked via 'See also'!). Search 5570
QAbaddep The ebuild has a *DEPEND on a package that is not needed or has improper syntax. Search 245
QAbaddie The ebuild uses die in a way that causes the ebuild to needlessly fail for a user. Search 19
QAbadiuse IUSE contains a bad USE flag, is missing a flag, or a flag appears to do nothing. Search 116
QAcanfix A trivial problem and QA will fix it if there is no response in a few days. Search 708
QAdigestoverlap Two ebuilds reference the same file but have conflicting digests for the file. Search 8
QAglobalscope Code is present in the global scope of the ebuild that should not be. Search 51
REGRESSION New bug.. Wasn't there before and doesn't pertain to a new feature. Search 895
REVIEWED A Gentoo developer has reviewed the ebuild or patch for syntax and coding style. Search 236
SECURITY Add this on all security related issues. Search 98
SOCIDEAS Summer of Code Ideas Search 7
spam Spam bug filed by a bot Search 13
STABLE Ebuilds that have been marked as stable by arch testers Search 594
STABLEREQ Request for a package to be stablized Search 34611
TESTED Ebuilds that have been marked as tested by arch testers Search 621
TESTFAILURE A package/ebuild failed test(s) Search 3995
Tracker Easily identify bugs for overview included in larger projects. Search 1442
UPSTREAM The bug/patch has been sent to the upstream developer Search 649