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Bug 922374 - Last-rite tensorflow associated ecosystem
Summary: Last-rite tensorflow associated ecosystem
Alias: None
Product: Gentoo Linux
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Current packages (show other bugs)
Hardware: All Linux
: Normal normal with 1 vote (vote)
Assignee: Gentoo Quality Assurance Team
Keywords: PMASKED, PullRequest
Depends on: 634046 652776 687538 705712 747370 766243 780468 788064 790116 797277 804690 CVE-2021-37635, CVE-2021-37636, CVE-2021-37637, CVE-2021-37638, CVE-2021-37639, CVE-2021-37640, CVE-2021-37641, CVE-2021-37642, CVE-2021-37643, CVE-2021-37644, CVE-2021-37645, CVE-2021-37646, CVE-2021-37647, CVE-2021-37648, CVE-2021-37649, CVE-2021-37650, CVE-2021-37651, CVE-2021-37652, CVE-2021-37653, CVE-2021-37654, CVE-2021-37655, CVE-2021-37656, CVE-2021-37657, CVE-2021-37658, CVE-2021-37659, CVE-2021-37660, CVE-2021-37661, CVE-2021-37662, CVE-2021-37663, CVE-2021-37664, CVE-2021-37665, CVE-2021-37666, CVE-2021-37667, CVE-2021-37668, CVE-2021-37669, CVE-2021-37670, CVE-2021-37671, CVE-2021-37672, CVE-2021-37673, CVE-2021-37674, CVE-2021-37675, CVE-2021-37676, CVE-2021-37677, CVE-2021-37678, CVE-2021-37679, CVE-2021-37680, CVE-2021-37681, CVE-2021-37682, CVE-2021-37683, CVE-2021-37684, CVE-2021-37685, CVE-2021-37686, CVE-2021-37687, CVE-2021-37688, CVE-2021-37689, CVE-2021-37690, CVE-2021-37691, CVE-2021-37692, CVE-2021-41195, CVE-2021-41196, CVE-2021-41197, CVE-2021-41198, CVE-2021-41199, CVE-2021-41200, CVE-2021-41201, CVE-2021-41202, CVE-2021-41203, CVE-2021-41204, CVE-2021-41205, CVE-2021-41206, CVE-2021-41207, CVE-2021-41208, CVE-2021-41209, CVE-2021-41210, CVE-2021-41212, CVE-2021-41213, CVE-2021-41214, CVE-2021-41215, CVE-2021-41216, CVE-2021-41217, CVE-2021-41218, CVE-2021-41219, CVE-2021-41221, CVE-2021-41222, CVE-2021-41223, CVE-2021-41224, CVE-2021-41225, CVE-2021-41226, CVE-2021-41227, CVE-2021-41228, CVE-2022-21725, CVE-2022-21726, CVE-2022-21727, CVE-2022-21728, CVE-2022-21729, CVE-2022-21730, CVE-2022-21731, CVE-2022-21732, CVE-2022-21733, CVE-2022-21734, CVE-2022-21735, CVE-2022-21736, CVE-2022-21737, CVE-2022-21738, CVE-2022-21739, CVE-2022-21740, CVE-2022-21741, CVE-2022-23557, CVE-2022-23558, CVE-2022-23559, CVE-2022-23560, CVE-2022-23561, CVE-2022-23562, CVE-2022-23563, CVE-2022-23564, CVE-2022-23565, CVE-2022-23566, CVE-2022-23567, CVE-2022-23568, CVE-2022-23569, CVE-2022-23570, CVE-2022-23571, CVE-2022-23572, CVE-2022-23573, CVE-2022-23574, CVE-2022-23575, CVE-2022-23576, CVE-2022-23577, CVE-2022-23578, CVE-2022-23579, CVE-2022-23580, CVE-2022-23581, CVE-2022-23582, CVE-2022-23583, CVE-2022-23584, CVE-2022-23585, CVE-2022-23586, CVE-2022-23587, CVE-2022-23588, CVE-2022-23589, CVE-2022-23590, CVE-2022-23591, CVE-2022-23594, CVE-2022-23595, CVE-2022-27778, CVE-2022-29191, CVE-2022-29192, CVE-2022-29193, CVE-2022-29194, CVE-2022-29195, CVE-2022-29196, CVE-2022-29197, CVE-2022-29198, CVE-2022-29199, CVE-2022-29200, CVE-2022-29201, CVE-2022-29202, CVE-2022-29203, CVE-2022-29204, CVE-2022-29205, CVE-2022-29206, CVE-2022-29207, CVE-2022-29208, CVE-2022-29209, CVE-2022-29210, CVE-2022-29211, CVE-2022-29212, CVE-2022-29213, CVE-2022-29216, CVE-2022-35934, CVE-2022-35935, CVE-2022-35937, CVE-2022-35938, CVE-2022-35939, CVE-2022-35940, CVE-2022-35941, CVE-2022-35952, CVE-2022-35959, CVE-2022-35960, CVE-2022-35963, CVE-2022-35964, CVE-2022-35965, CVE-2022-35966, CVE-2022-35967, CVE-2022-35968, CVE-2022-35969, CVE-2022-35970, CVE-2022-35971, CVE-2022-35972, CVE-2022-35973, CVE-2022-35974, CVE-2022-35979, CVE-2022-35981, CVE-2022-35982, CVE-2022-35983, CVE-2022-35984, CVE-2022-35985, CVE-2022-35986, CVE-2022-35987, CVE-2022-35988, CVE-2022-35989, CVE-2022-35990, CVE-2022-35991, CVE-2022-35992, CVE-2022-35993, CVE-2022-35994, CVE-2022-35995, CVE-2022-35996, CVE-2022-35997, CVE-2022-35998, CVE-2022-35999, CVE-2022-36000, CVE-2022-36001, CVE-2022-36002, CVE-2022-36003, CVE-2022-36004, CVE-2022-36005, CVE-2022-36011, CVE-2022-36012, CVE-2022-36013, CVE-2022-36014, CVE-2022-36015, CVE-2022-36016, CVE-2022-36017, CVE-2022-36018, CVE-2022-36019, CVE-2022-36026, CVE-2022-36027, CVE-2022-41880, CVE-2022-41883, CVE-2022-41884, CVE-2022-41885, CVE-2022-41886, CVE-2022-41887, CVE-2022-41888, CVE-2022-41889, CVE-2022-41890, CVE-2022-41891, CVE-2022-41893, CVE-2022-41894, CVE-2022-41895, CVE-2022-41896, CVE-2022-41897, CVE-2022-41898, CVE-2022-41899, CVE-2022-41900, CVE-2022-41901, CVE-2022-41902, CVE-2022-41907, CVE-2022-41908, CVE-2022-41909, CVE-2022-41910, CVE-2022-41911, CVE-2023-25658, CVE-2023-25659, CVE-2023-25660, CVE-2023-25661, CVE-2023-25662, CVE-2023-25663, CVE-2023-25664, CVE-2023-25665, CVE-2023-25666, CVE-2023-25667, CVE-2023-25668, CVE-2023-25669, CVE-2023-25670, CVE-2023-25671, CVE-2023-25672, CVE-2023-25673, CVE-2023-25674, CVE-2023-25675, CVE-2023-25676, CVE-2023-25801, CVE-2023-27579, CVE-2023-28437 818766 820179 820182 823866 830167 832935 837023 844196 846464 851573 854354 858314 867292 872455 873295 CVE-2022-3474 881445 882617 884477 895300 897214 897228 897230 897248 905673 906609 906914 907031 909002 909003 909434 909767 910026 910029 910030 913534 913731 915621 917257 917689 918703 919798
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Reported: 2024-01-18 12:05 UTC by David Seifert
Modified: 2024-02-24 12:58 UTC (History)
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Description David Seifert gentoo-dev 2024-01-18 12:05:30 UTC
TensorFlow in Gentoo is practically unmaintained and should be last-rited at this point. The number of bugs is orders of magnitude more than the packages using it, and the maintainer has made 4 commits last year. The following packages should be last-rited:

Comment 1 Larry the Git Cow gentoo-dev 2024-01-18 12:53:37 UTC
The bug has been referenced in the following commit(s):

commit 8968f9287c683d0fc9d46b87e4ac624c7c7b066e
Author:     David Seifert <>
AuthorDate: 2024-01-18 12:52:21 +0000
Commit:     David Seifert <>
CommitDate: 2024-01-18 12:52:21 +0000

    package.mask: Last rite dev-build/bazel, sci-libs/keras, sci-libs/tensorflow, sci-libs/tensorflow-estimator, sci-visualization/tensorboard
    Signed-off-by: David Seifert <>

 profiles/package.mask | 19 +++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 19 insertions(+)
Comment 2 Dennis Jenkins 2024-01-19 23:29:16 UTC
I use tensorflow on Gentoo, specifically form a custom C++ app.  The python install is not useful to me.  I will be quite sad if tensorflow is removed from my favorite Linux distro (been using Gentoo since 2004).
Comment 3 Sam James archtester Gentoo Infrastructure gentoo-dev Security 2024-01-19 23:34:19 UTC
(In reply to Dennis Jenkins from comment #2)
> I use tensorflow on Gentoo, specifically form a custom C++ app.  The python
> install is not useful to me.  I will be quite sad if tensorflow is removed
> from my favorite Linux distro (been using Gentoo since 2004).

Yes, I can understand that. But it also doesn't work right now, doesn't build, and see the huge list of bugs. Simply not removing it doesn't make those go away.
Comment 4 David Seifert gentoo-dev 2024-01-20 11:45:29 UTC
My suggestion is to move this to an overlay (say ::tensorflow), since these 5 packages are well-contained and don't have any major "depgraph sprawl" like other overlays that tend to take over your system. Adding that overlay would be easy and there wouldn't be any knock-on effects.
Comment 5 David Seifert gentoo-dev 2024-01-20 11:46:55 UTC
For reference, Debian's packaging situation and experience mirrors a lot of the pains we've been having too:
Comment 6 Nuno Alexandre 2024-01-23 16:16:16 UTC
I'm a long time gentoo user too and I too need this.
I understand it is not easy to maintain this package, but it feels like a big step back in AI for gentoo if this is dropped. If these packages start being shipped in an overlay, that's fine. We can then tinker and get it working on our machines. Eventually, I'm sure a way to build this consistently will be found. And by then we can move it to the oficial gentoo repo.
Btw, the 2.12.0 version works on my machine, built with the 5.3.0 bazel (built in 16/11/2023) with gcc:11, cuda-toolkit 11.8.0 and cudnn In my experience tensorflow is very sensitive to what versions and compilers you use, so watch out for that. Also, make sure dependencies are also compiled with the same compiler you are using for tensorflow.

Removing it outright is simply saying we're never going to support this and couldn't be bothered with it.
Comment 7 Nuno Alexandre 2024-01-23 18:50:53 UTC
I just recompiled it successfully.
Compiled with gcc:11, bazel 5.3.0, cuda-toolkit 11.8.0 and cudnn Bazel needs dev-java/openjdk:11 or equivalent, make sure that is set as well.
Make sure that related packages are also compiled with gcc:11 and have valid ABI versions.
Comment 8 Eli Schwartz 2024-01-24 02:56:27 UTC
(In reply to Nuno Alexandre from comment #6)
> In my experience tensorflow is very sensitive to [...]
> so watch out for that.

Yes, I believe this was part of the original mask message... are you speaking in favor of keeping it, or of removing it?

Because I think the point of the Devs proposing to drop it was *precisely* that they consider having to "watch out for that" to be an unconscionable drain upon Gentoo, 

> Removing it outright is simply saying we're never going to support this and
> couldn't be bothered with it.

Absolutely not. Failing to ever package it could be taken to mean "we couldn't be bothered with it". Trying, packaging it once, and then removing it, says "we tried, we really could be bothered, but in the end we lost the struggle".