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Bug 44192 - x11-themes/lila-artwork (new ebuild)
Summary: x11-themes/lila-artwork (new ebuild)
Alias: None
Product: Gentoo Linux
Classification: Unclassified
Component: New packages (show other bugs)
Hardware: All Linux
: Normal normal (vote)
Assignee: Default Assignee for New Packages
Whiteboard: sunrise suggested
Keywords: EBUILD
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Reported: 2004-03-09 16:09 UTC by Daniel G. Taylor
Modified: 2018-06-07 18:24 UTC (History)
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Lila Artwork Ebuild (lila-artwork-0.1.ebuild,1.05 KB, text/plain)
2004-03-09 16:11 UTC, Daniel G. Taylor
Lila Artwork 0.2 Ebuild (lila-artwork-0.2.ebuild,4.53 KB, text/plain)
2004-04-15 06:35 UTC, Daniel G. Taylor
updated ebuild (lila-artwork-0.2-r1.ebuild,4.55 KB, text/plain)
2004-04-22 14:49 UTC, Mike Messmore
Lila-artwork 0.2-r1 Ebuild (lila-artwork-0.2-r1.ebuild,4.98 KB, text/plain)
2004-04-23 14:41 UTC, Daniel G. Taylor

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Description Daniel G. Taylor 2004-03-09 16:09:52 UTC
Ebuild for the Lila GTK/GNOME themes. Uses gnome USE flag to specify whether or not to install GNOME icon theme.
Not sure if all deps are correct, someone may want to check.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
Comment 1 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-03-09 16:11:56 UTC
Created attachment 27125 [details]
Lila Artwork Ebuild
Comment 2 Clark Torgerson 2004-03-12 22:00:52 UTC
Just wanted to note that there's quite a bit of activity going on with this project. If we could get this ebuild pushed through, it would be of great help. Thanks. :o)

For more info, look here:
Comment 3 John Steele Scott 2004-04-06 04:14:05 UTC
Saw this in this weeks GWN, it looks like a very cool project. Is there any chance that the one ebuild could install the icons for GTK/Gnome and KDE as well?
Comment 4 Spider (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-06 04:39:51 UTC
dependencies on gnome-base/gnome are completely wrong and highly illegal.  
(perhaps you should have the dependency on gnome-themes though )

Comment 5 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-07 06:27:14 UTC
Sorry about the deps, spider.
This ebuild is very old anyway, and I suggest people install the theme by hand for now, until we get a new version up. For the next version I'd like to have gtk, gnome, gdm, and kde use flags for all those different themes.
Comment 6 Chris Gianelloni (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-09 08:22:14 UTC
It would be fairly trivial to install both gnome and kde versions in the same ebuild using use flags.  You would probably want to decide first off what kind of theme you consider this to be.  After all, what would happen if someone that did not have gnome, kde, or gtk in their USE tried to install this?

From the looks of your original ebuild, it looks like you intend this to be a gtk theme first, with the addition of gnome and kde icons and a gdm theme.  Am I correct in assuming this?
Comment 7 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-09 09:03:33 UTC
I would say a new ebuild should install nothing if the user does not have gtk, gnome, kde, etc in their USE flags. Now that the themes are so varied I don't think there is a base anymore, and it would be dumb to force kde users to install the gtk theme. I'm going to do another release of the GNOME icon theme within the next few days and then I'll work on another ebuild with all the new themes in it.
Comment 8 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-15 06:35:56 UTC
Created attachment 29337 [details]
Lila Artwork 0.2 Ebuild

Update Lila Artwork ebuild that includes themes for gtk, gnome, gdm, grub, kde,
xfcewm4, and xmms. Dependencies have also been updated, and I think they are
correct for the most part.
Comment 9 Spider (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-15 08:14:33 UTC
It'd be good if :
was versioned before this goes into the tree, or we will have distfiles issues due to changing digests of the tarball in the future.

KEYWORDS : always ~ on new submitted ebuilds.

Does it really need the ximian+redhat artworks?  *curious*

gdm is not a valid USE flag. bundle it inside "gnome"

xfce is not a valid USE flag. uncertain on what to do here, but I'd suggest moving it out to gentoo-artwork-lila-xfce.

An idea could be to change the :
xmms? ( || media-sound/xmms  media-sound/beep-media-player )
as they are skin compatible.
Comment 10 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-15 11:30:48 UTC
Would you suggest splitting most of the stuff to different ebuilds (I.E. lila-artwork-{gtk|gnome|kde|xfce|xmms})? It doesn't seem to make sense to just split that one part out. Also, I see plenty of packages with local USE flags, so I don't understand why gdm and xfce are invalid (I must be missing something here).
About the redhat/ximian artwork packages, when the gtk USE flag is set it installs five GTK themes, using the industrial, bluecurve, thinice, and xfce theme engines, so they are needed.
Good idea about the xmms flag :)
Comment 11 Spider (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-15 12:37:35 UTC
re: industrial/redhat:  okay, then I know. 
re: USE,  Generally I don't encourage local use flags, they make things hard to implement and document and break the consistency of the tree.  I'd accept xfce as one, but not gdm as it is covered by Gnome.

Comment 12 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-15 14:38:04 UTC
That sounds good :)
I'm at work on an 0.2-r1 ebuild at the moment, and it has most of the changes you asked for. I do have a question though: what about the grub USE flag? I neglected to put in a dep for sys-boot/grub, which I've added to the new ebuild, but I need to know if I can keep grub as a USE flag or if I need to change it somehow.
Comment 13 Spider (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-15 14:51:03 UTC
be wary about the grub parts. I'd suggest adding the grub splashscreen as a part in /usr/share/doc/lila-artwork   and an einfo about it, since installing things with grub includes messing with /boot and mount/unmounting that inside the ebuild.  That is definitely bad behaviour and something I discourage on the strongest.

Comment 14 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-16 00:49:34 UTC
Hehe, it's nothing so evil! Here's an exerpt from the ebuild:

if [ `use grub` ] ; then
	dodir /usr/share/grub/splashimages
	cp ${WORKDIR}/lila.xpm.gz ${D}/usr/share/grub/splashimages
	chmod 644 ${D}/usr/share/grub/splashimages/lila.xpm.gz

Now, I don't think grub is an official USE flag, so what would you suggest?
Comment 15 Spider (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-16 01:46:32 UTC
I think its a pretty obscure Idea since grub never installs into that place, and therefore people aren't likely to find it. (besides, its unstandard ;-)

Comment 16 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-16 02:00:59 UTC
Really? I just chose it because that's where I already had some installed by Portage... I think it may be from the gentoo-artwork ebuild, but I'm not 100% sure.

dan@dj2gig dan $ ls /usr/share/grub/splashimages/
penguins.xpm.gz           powered-by-inverted.xpm.gz
powered-big-white.xpm.gz  powered-by.xpm.gz
Comment 17 Spider (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-16 02:46:29 UTC
hmm, something I do not have here, run 
"qpkg -v -f /usr/share/grub" 
to verify what package it is
Comment 18 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-16 04:21:12 UTC
root@dj2gig dan # qpkg -v -f /usr/share/grub
x11-themes/gentoo-artwork-0.3 *
x11-themes/lila-artwork-0.2 *

Seems it was created by the gentoo-artwork ebuilds.
Comment 19 Spider (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-16 07:58:35 UTC
then I don't think I can complain about that, and since the gentoo artwork build doesn't implement a grub USE flag, Don't do it here either.
Comment 20 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-17 02:40:08 UTC
Alright, instead of posting another ebuild attachment, I'll just show you what I've currently got. You can see it here:
I've made it so that any [future] backgrounds and the grub splash get installed without any USE flags, and updated a few other things as well. It should now work fine, but before attaching it I wanted to ask if there is anything else wrong with it.
Comment 21 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-17 02:59:50 UTC
Just noticed I was getting an error using ?xmms ( || media-sound/xmms media-sound/beep-media-player ), so I've taken it out again.

Calculating dependencies \
!!! Problem in x11-themes/lila-artwork dependencies.
!!! len() of unsized object
Comment 22 Chris Gianelloni (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-17 12:05:17 UTC
Look back at comment #9.  It should be: xmms? ( || media-sound/xmms  media-sound/beep-media-player )
Comment 23 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-17 14:12:22 UTC
Oops, that was a typo above. In the ebuild I had it correct and got that error.
Comment 24 Spider (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-18 03:26:05 UTC
Looking at the unpack section I think you want to abstract that further.

.. and so on.  Or you'll give us a maintainance headache for the future.  Overall I think that this sort of package is a maintainance nightmare due to the many different versions, package names and so on :)

glad that you got all tarballs versioned though, that makes it less breakage-prone on distfiles/digests.

as for the breakage with the xmms? ( ) .. did you make sure you got spaces correct? 
Comment 25 Jeroen Hoek 2004-04-21 05:42:21 UTC
I do not have much experience in creating/maintaining ebuilds, but if you will pardon my indiscretion:

Is it perhaps an idea to create a meta-ebuild for all Lila theme-packages:


And have that ebuild pull in packages depending on USE flags:

  gnome? (
  kde? (


Just a thought of a random passer-by though, would this work?
Comment 26 Chris Gianelloni (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-21 11:05:59 UTC
It definitely would work, and I find it to be a much cleaner solution.

Comment 27 foser (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-04-21 15:31:50 UTC
overkill... meta ebuilds in themselves are hackish and should be avoided as much as possible imo.
Comment 28 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-22 05:45:10 UTC
I think I'll just go with Spider's versioning scheme, which is simple enough. I'll fix up the ebuild and post a final copy soon (currently working on something else, so give me a few days)
Comment 29 Mike Messmore 2004-04-22 14:49:37 UTC
Created attachment 29849 [details]
updated ebuild

Updated to increment the lilasvg version number to 0.6 and to fix the
Industrial-Gentoo version number in the src_unpack() function.	Doesn't solve
any of the discussed issues.  Just makes it usable.
Comment 30 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-23 14:41:50 UTC
Created attachment 29924 [details]
Lila-artwork 0.2-r1 Ebuild

Updated the ebuild with suggestions and such, and added USE flags to only
download what the user wants installed. Thanks for pointing out that error,
it's also fixed in this version.
Comment 31 Tony Murray 2004-04-25 05:14:07 UTC
I would like to point out that there is a ksplash them on @

It would be nice if this was included in the ebuild.

BTW, nice job on the ebuild so far.
Comment 32 Daniel G. Taylor 2004-04-25 05:42:45 UTC
Ah, I did notice the splash, and also there is now a KDE color scheme that someone posted to the forums. I'll add it to the ebuild if anyone can tell me where to install them. (I don't have KDE)
Comment 33 Tony Murray 2004-05-04 03:43:35 UTC
The *.kcsrc file goes into /usr/kde/3.2/share/apps/kdisplay/color-schemes/

Ithink there is one in the icon theme now, but I don't know.  I use my own "lila" theme @
Comment 34 Jose Gonzalez Gomez 2004-05-17 11:08:47 UTC
install of this ebuild is failing here due to UTF-8 locales (???):

    intltool doesn't like UTF-8 locales.  Try rerunning with eg: LANG=en_US

Must I use a non Unicode locale to use this theme???
Comment 35 Mike Messmore 2004-10-08 23:13:51 UTC
Much much newer ebuilds are now available here:

I don't want to attach them all.  Comments?  Suggestions?
What do we need to do to get these portage-ready?
Comment 36 foser (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-10-09 05:49:37 UTC
i think the main problem here at this point is maintainership. There should be a bunch of ppl recruited to do an art herd or something.
Comment 37 Mike Messmore 2004-10-09 09:38:25 UTC
The current Lila team (of 3) is sitting fairly idle right now, since we are near feature completeness on our major themeing targets (Gnome, KDE, XFCE) and the ebuilds are working wonderfully for us.  So if there is something we can help with, whether being a part of the future art herd, or just working on filing/triaging bugs, please let me know.
Comment 38 Seemant Kulleen (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-05-18 09:25:25 UTC
Can Daniel or Mike or whoever from Lila contact me (seemant at gentoo dot org)
to talk about which of you we can bring on board to be the maintainer for this?
Comment 39 Leonardo Boshell (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-08-02 05:29:49 UTC
Reassigning so this can get more proper attention.
Comment 40 Jeremy Olexa (darkside) (RETIRED) archtester Gentoo Infrastructure gentoo-dev Security 2008-12-29 18:53:35 UTC
(this is an automated message based on filtering criteria that matched this bug)

Hello, The Gentoo Team would like to firstly thank you for your ebuild
submission. We also apologize for not being able to accomendate you on a timely
manor. There are simply too many new packages.

Allow me to use this opportunity to introduce you to Gentoo Sunrise. The sunrise
overlay[1] is a overlay for Gentoo which we allow trusted users to commit to and
all users can have ebuilds reviewed by Gentoo devs for entry into the overlay.
So, the sunrise team is suggesting that you look into this and submit your
ebuild to the overlay where even *you* can commit to. =)

Because this is a mass message, we are also asking you to be patient with us. We
anticipate a large number of requests in a short time. 

On behalf of the Gentoo Sunrise Team,

Comment 41 Christoph Brill (egore) (RESIGNED) 2011-06-28 19:03:48 UTC
Last update in 2006, looks pretty much dead. I'd suggest to close the bug.