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Votes Bug # Summary
Gentoo Infrastructure (bug list)
1 334107 Feature request: ability to access gzip-compressed files transparently (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 5 allowed.

Gentoo Linux (bug list)
1 364235 sys-fs/udev[extras] and other packages with probers in /lib/udev broken with separate /usr (Show Votes)
1 381391 [TRACKER] Packages failing to build with no rpc in sys-libs/glibc (Show Votes)
1 492792 sci-geosciences/gmt-5.4.2 version bump (Show Votes)
1 504892 app-misc/ca-certificates: allow user customization /etc/ca-certificates.conf (Show Votes)
1 561602 media-sound/cadence-9999: new ebuild (Show Votes)
1 630754 dev-libs/boost-1.66.0 version bump (Show Votes)
1 632532 dev-java/sbt-1.0.2 1.1.6 1.2.0-RC 1.3.6 forks a second java process and hangs (Show Votes)
1 634890 dev-java/glassfish-jms-api- with USE=doc fails to build (Show Votes)
1 638218 net-misc/rygel-0.34.0 and media-libs/libmediaart-1.9.4: ../../src/librygel-server/.libs/ undefined reference to `media_art_plugin_init' (Show Votes)
1 638720 www-misc/htdig-3.2.0_beta6-r5 : error: invalid conversion from char to char* [-fpermissive] (Show Votes)
1 639566 dev-lang/spidermonkey-24.2.0-r4 - .../work/mozjs-24.2.0/js/src/builtin/Intl.cpp:1001:83: error: invalid conversion from 'const jschar* {aka const short unsigned int*}' to 'const UChar* {aka const char16_t*}' [-fpermissive] (Show Votes)
1 642078 sci-geosciences/gmt-4.5.13 (with gdal-2.2.3) - /usr/include/gdal/cpl_port.h:126:99: error: operator '&&' has no right operand (Show Votes)
1 642534 dev-java/hamcrest-core-1.3 - emerge failed with USE=doc (Show Votes)
1 642536 dev-java/lucene-3.5.0 - emerge failed with USE=doc (Show Votes)
1 650182 dev-lang/smlnj-110.82 : * dosym: two arguments needed (Show Votes)
1 653878 dev-libs/boost-1.70.0 version bump (Show Votes)
1 659808 app-admin/keepass-2.39.1 sandbox violation mkdir /etc/mono/registry with dev-lang/mono >= 5 (Show Votes)
17 votes used out of 50 allowed.

Portage Development (bug list)
1 175808 emerge should intelligently solve circular dependencies triggered by flags such as USE="doc" (Show Votes)
1 258371 add emerge option to automatically satisfy USE dependencies (Show Votes)
1 287318 track *.la dependencies (Show Votes)
1 312789 portage-2.2_rc63: --keep-going doesn't work with @preserved-rebuild (Show Votes)
1 340287 sys-apps/portage-2.2_rc91: --keep-going sometimes fails to work (Show Votes)
1 373807 [TRACKER] emerge --keep-going issues (Show Votes)
1 599894 sys-apps/sandbox-2.11: programs misbehave/crash when prelinked (Show Votes)
7 votes used out of 10 allowed.

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