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Votes Bug # Summary
Gentoo Hosted Projects (bug list)
1 438932 sys-apps/openrc-0.11: shm and devpts issue (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 5 allowed.

Gentoo Infrastructure (bug list)
1 565694 sys-apps/busybox - Filesize does not match recorded size (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 5 allowed.

Gentoo Linux (bug list)
1 676074 app-portage/layman-2.4.2-r2 with EPYTHON=python3.7 - Adding an overlay fails - Exception caught installing repository "musl": unterminated character set at position 1 (Show Votes)
1 692206 [TRACKER] Enabling USE=libglvnd (Show Votes)
1 702174 xfce-base/libxfce4ui-4.15.0 USE=vala - make[3]: *** No rule to make target 'libxfce4ui-2.deps', needed by 'libxfce4ui-2.vapi'. Stop. (Show Votes)
1 703014 net-libs/libtorrent-rasterbar-1.2.2-r1 needs patch to build with dev-libs/boost-1.72.0 (Show Votes)
1 703228 net-p2p/bitcoind-18.0: httpserver.cpp:74:10: error: ‘deque’ in namespace ‘std’ does not name a template type (Show Votes)
1 712204 net-print/hplip-3.20.2 VERIFY FAILED due to tarball filesize mismatch (Show Votes)
1 713788 x11-misc/xscreensaver-5.44 USE=-offensive fails to apply offensive.patch (Show Votes)
1 718798 openjdk-bin-11.0.7 fails; distfiles don't include examples code anymore (Show Votes)
1 729064 net-im/teams-version? with media-video/ffmpeg-4.3 - segmentation fault in SGI_video_sync (Show Votes)
9 votes used out of 50 allowed.

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