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Votes Bug # Summary
Gentoo Infrastructure (bug list)
1 406445 Add "My Votes" link (Show Votes)
1 500806 Make emerge --info collapsable (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 5 allowed.

Gentoo Linux (bug list)
1 164298 net-misc/smcroute-0.92 (New Package) (Show Votes)
1 339574 Ebuild request for gradle (Show Votes)
1 530896 app-containers/lxc - add support for stateful container and flexible settings for start/stop to init script (Show Votes)
1 574048 sys-infiniband/ibutils-1.5.7-r3 : configure: error: TK: failed to find tk8.4 or tk8.5 lib. Please use --with-tk-lib (Show Votes)
1 574624 dev-util/android-sdk-update-manager may be missing ncurses dependency (Show Votes)
1 581164 sys-infiniband/ibutils-1.5.7-r3 : configure: error: OSM: --with-osm must be provided - fail to find standard OpenSM installation (Show Votes)
1 581550 dev-python/matplotlib-2.0.2 : The following required packages can not be built: * qt4agg (Show Votes)
1 585048 sys-apps/texinfo-6.1 has weird build system, likely causing unneeded perl-cleaner rebuilds (Show Votes)
1 591580 waf-utils.eclass should respect "$@" in waf-utils_src_install() (Show Votes)
1 594574 =app-arch/rpm- plugin automagically depends on dbus (Show Votes)
1 597082 net-misc/asterisk-16.2.1 version bump (Show Votes)
1 599766 media-libs/glfw: add USE=vulkan (Show Votes)
1 603812 dev-lua/luaposix-33.4.0 missing bit32 (Show Votes)
1 606572 net-nds/openldap-2.4.43 USE=smbkrb5passwd behavior change (Show Votes)
1 606924 media-libs/mesa: Add support for media-libs/libglvnd (Show Votes)
1 636588 dev-python/python-ebtables-0.2.0 : TypeError: Unicode-objects must be encoded before hashing (Show Votes)
1 637024 dev-ml/sexplib-0.9.3 Unbound value Bytes.blit_string (Show Votes)
1 637090 =dev-python/pycuda-2017.1 fails to compile with cuda-9 (Show Votes)
1 637402 >=dev-lang/php-5.6[fpm] automagic on libapparmor (Show Votes)
1 638230 dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit-9.0.176 (probably v8.x too): _BITS_FLOATN_H must be defined for glibc >= 2.26 (Show Votes)
1 646222 net-misc/crossbar-17.12.1 : * patch -p1 failed with /var/tmp/portage/net-misc/crossbar-17.12.1/files/crossbar-17.9.1-Revert-Torservices.patch (Show Votes)
1 651400 x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers vulkan non-glvnd json file is incorrect - vulkan doesn't work correctly (Show Votes)
1 657964 sci-libs/xdmf2-1.0_p141226-r4: compile failure: undefined reference to H5... (Show Votes)
1 668996 dev-qt/qtwebkit-5.212.0_pre20180120 fails to build: ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed (Show Votes)
1 670870 media-video/mpv USE=cuda - src_configure(): You manually enabled the feature 'cuda-hwaccel', but the autodetection check failed. (Show Votes)
1 672952 sci-geosciences/qgis-3.8 version bump (Show Votes)
1 677876 dev-java/openjdk-11.0.2_p7 configure fails with FEATURES=ccache (Show Votes)
1 681586 =sys-fs/udev-init-scripts-33 with sys-fs/udev - system in unstable state after udev restart (Show Votes)
1 697744 app-office/gnucash-3.7 USE=-test without dev-cpp/gtest - CMake Error at common/cmake_modules/GncAddTest.cmake:139 (message): GTEST not found. Please install it or set GTEST_ROOT or GMOCK_ROOT (Show Votes)
1 697796 sys-apps/man-db should use REQUIRED_USE to explicitly depend only on sys-libs/db or on sys-libs/gdbm (Show Votes)
1 702266 ruby-utils.eclass sets RUBY_TARGETS_PREFERENCE to ruby slot not in the default RUBY_TARGETS (Show Votes)
1 705078 dev-python/pytest-pylint-0.14.1 : ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pytest-runner (from versions: none) (Show Votes)
1 715610 sci-libs/cholmod-3.0.13: emake failed: nvcc fatal: Unknown option '-fPIC' (Show Votes)
1 721804 app-office/gnucash-3.8b-r1 with dev-libs/boost-1.73.0 - import-export/csv-imp/assistant-csv-price-import.cpp:270:10: error: ‘replace’ is not a member of ‘std’ (Show Votes)
1 729476 dev-util/android-studio should depend on dev-libs/libdbusmenu (Show Votes)
1 797394 dev-libs/spdlog-1.8.5 fails to compile (spdlog/common-inl.h:63:50: error: cannot convert ‘const string’ {aka ‘const std::__cxx11::basic_string<char>’} to ‘const char*’) (Show Votes)
1 802213 www-apps/icingaweb2 >=2.9.0 Requires Icinga IPL and ThirdParty Library Installation (Show Votes)
37 votes used out of 50 allowed.

Gentoo Security (bug list)
1 658008 <app-arch/lrzip-0.631_p20190619: multiple vulnerabilities (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 5 allowed.

Mirrors (bug list)
1 648814 New source mirror: - 10Gbps @ Bucharest, Romania (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 5 allowed.

Portage Development (bug list)
1 656128 revdep-rebuild fails finding broken references to `` (Show Votes)
1 691798 sys-apps/portage: add option for emerge to ignore a selected set of categories when no category is specified (Show Votes)
1 753500 sys-apps/portage: support dynamic symbol version dependencies (like for glibc magic compat symbols) (Show Votes)
3 votes used out of 10 allowed.

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