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Bug 87625 - gkrellm-2.2.5 freezes frequently randomly.
Summary: gkrellm-2.2.5 freezes frequently randomly.
Alias: None
Product: Gentoo Linux
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Current packages (show other bugs)
Hardware: x86 Linux
: High critical (vote)
Assignee: Martin Holzer (RETIRED)
Depends on:
Reported: 2005-04-01 20:24 UTC by John5788
Modified: 2006-09-23 21:14 UTC (History)
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Description John5788 2005-04-01 20:24:48 UTC
I recently just updated to gkrellm-2.2.5. I've noticed that gkrellm2 freezes randomly for no reason. I'm assuming this has something to do with gkrellmms-2.1.21. I can force gkrellm2 to freeze by quickly switching through songs. The other way is to let gkrellm2 sit around and it will freeze on its own during the middle of a song.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Switch through songs on xmms quickly
2. Or let gkrellm2 sit around for a few minutes.

Actual Results:  
gkrellm2 freezes with no output from console.

Expected Results:  
gkrellm2 should not freeze

[/home/john5788 :: 08:24 PM :: 1]
[] $ emerge info
Portage (default-linux/x86/2004.3, gcc-3.3.5, glibc-,
2.6.11-nitro2 i686)
System uname: 2.6.11-nitro2 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
Gentoo Base System version 1.4.16
Python:              dev-lang/python-2.3.4-r1 [2.3.4 (#1, Feb 11 2005, 17:13:04)]
ccache version 2.3 [enabled]
dev-lang/python:     2.3.4-r1
sys-devel/autoconf:  2.59-r6, 2.13
sys-devel/automake:  1.7.9-r1, 1.8.5-r3, 1.5, 1.4_p6, 1.6.3, 1.9.4
sys-devel/libtool:   1.5.10-r4
CFLAGS="-pipe -O1 -Wall -march=pentium4 -mcpu=pentium4 -ftracer
-fno-thread-jumps -fcse-follow-jumps -fno-merge-constants -fsched-interblock
-fprefetch-loop-arrays -falign-labels -fmove-all-movables
-fno-omit-frame-pointer -fno-if-conversion2 -fno-defer-pop
-maccumulate-outgoing-args -freduce-all-givs -freorder-functions
-mno-align-stringops -fno-cprop-registers -falign-jumps -foptimize-sibling-calls"
CONFIG_PROTECT="/etc /usr/kde/2/share/config /usr/kde/3/share/config
/usr/lib/X11/xkb /usr/share/config /var/qmail/control"
CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK="/etc/gconf /etc/terminfo /etc/env.d"
CXXFLAGS="-pipe -O1 -Wall -march=pentium4 -mcpu=pentium4 -ftracer
-fno-thread-jumps -fcse-follow-jumps -fno-merge-constants -fsched-interblock
-fprefetch-loop-arrays -falign-labels -fmove-all-movables
-fno-omit-frame-pointer -fno-if-conversion2 -fno-defer-pop
-maccumulate-outgoing-args -freduce-all-givs -freorder-functions
-mno-align-stringops -fno-cprop-registers -falign-jumps -foptimize-sibling-calls"
FEATURES="autoaddcvs autoconfig candy ccache distlocks sandbox sfperms"
USE="X alsa apm avi berkdb bitmap-fonts cdr crypt curl dga divx4linux dvd emboss
encode esd fam flac font-server foomaticdb fortran gdbm gif gpm gtk gtk2
imagemagick imlib java joystick jpeg libg++ libwww mad mikmod mmx motif mp3 mpeg
ncurses nls nptl oggvorbis opengl oss pam pdflib perl png python quicktime
readline sdl slang sse ssl svga tcpd tiff truetype truetype-fonts type1-fonts
x86 xml2 xmms xprint xv zlib"
Comment 1 Peter Gordon (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-04-01 20:26:56 UTC
What happens if you disable gkrellmms? Does re-emerging both gkrellm and gkrellmms fix it?
Comment 2 Peter Gordon (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-04-01 20:27:45 UTC
And does it work if you use *sigh* sane C(XX)FLAGS (such as "-O2 -march=whatever -pipe")?
Comment 3 Mihai Limbasan 2005-04-27 17:28:54 UTC
Works just fine for me. It's almost certainly the utterly insane CFLAGS. Should be closed INVALID.
Comment 4 John5788 2005-04-27 19:16:50 UTC
I did recompile gkrellm2 using CFLAGS="-march=pentium4 -O2 -pipe -Wall -fomit-frame-pointer" and it still produced the same results. Most of the flags in my make.conf are all part of -O2.
Comment 5 Martin Holzer (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-05-18 14:36:03 UTC
please try with gkrellmms-2.1.22
Comment 6 John5788 2005-05-20 23:39:58 UTC
I upgraded to the new gkrellmms and the new gkrellm, everything seems to be
working fine :)
Comment 7 John5788 2005-05-20 23:54:20 UTC
OK, I lied, the gkrellm-2.2.5 still randomly freezes even when XMMS isn't even
playing a song.
Comment 8 Daniel Webert 2005-05-21 07:57:02 UTC
deactivate/unload the xmms-plugin ... overhere i have a lot probs if its loaded
(2.1.21 and 2.1.22) w/o the gkrellm 2.2.5 just works fine 
Comment 9 John5788 2005-05-21 11:51:49 UTC
Well, the point of me having that plugin is to use it. If it doesn't work with
gkrellm-2.2.5, I'll just stick with gkrellm-2.2.4 which works fine.
Comment 10 Daniel Webert 2005-08-16 14:30:31 UTC
John5788: could plz report if the prob still exists w/ gkrellm 2.2.7 - btw.
deactivating the xmms-plugin is just to test if the prob is gkrellm, another
plugin, xmms or the gkrellmms
Comment 11 John5788 2005-08-16 22:52:17 UTC
gkrellm-2.2.7 doesnt freeze up when I fast switch through songs.
Comment 12 John5788 2005-08-17 11:16:19 UTC
Actually its starting to freeze again. It only freezes when I let it sit alone.
Comment 13 Jakub Moc (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2006-09-19 03:15:09 UTC
Please, go try w/ 2.2.9-r1 and report back.
Comment 14 John5788 2006-09-23 21:14:09 UTC
everything is fine