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Bug 7843 - linux-wlan-ng
Summary: linux-wlan-ng
Alias: None
Product: Gentoo Linux
Classification: Unclassified
Component: New packages (show other bugs)
Hardware: x86 Linux
: High normal (vote)
Assignee: Chad Huneycutt (RETIRED)
Depends on:
Reported: 2002-09-12 13:30 UTC by Tom Prado
Modified: 2003-02-04 19:42 UTC (History)
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linux-wlan-ng ebuild (linux-wlan-ng-0.1.15_pre7.ebuild,4.41 KB, text/plain)
2002-09-12 13:34 UTC, Tom Prado
ChangeLog for linux-wlan-ng (ChangeLog,518 bytes, text/plain)
2002-09-12 13:35 UTC, Tom Prado
MD5 digest for linux-wlan-ng (digest-linux-wlan-ng-0.1.15_pre7,220 bytes, text/plain)
2002-09-12 13:36 UTC, Tom Prado
ebuild for 0.1.15 (linux-wlan-ng-0.1.15.ebuild,4.41 KB, text/plain)
2002-09-26 20:28 UTC, Tom Prado
new changelog for 0.1.15 (ChangeLog,740 bytes, text/plain)
2002-09-26 20:29 UTC, Tom Prado
digest for 0.1.15 (digest-linux-wlan-ng-0.1.15,215 bytes, text/plain)
2002-09-26 20:30 UTC, Tom Prado
sys-apps/linux-wlan-ng/linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre1.ebuild (linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre1.ebuild,4.37 KB, text/plain)
2002-10-06 16:05 UTC, Tom Prado
ChangeLog (updated for 0.1.16_pre1) (ChangeLog,1004 bytes, text/plain)
2002-10-06 16:06 UTC, Tom Prado
digest for 0.1.16_pre1 (digest-linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre1,220 bytes, text/plain)
2002-10-06 16:06 UTC, Tom Prado
sys-apps/linux-wlan-ng/linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16-pre3.ebuild (linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre3.ebuild,4.36 KB, text/plain)
2002-10-17 00:09 UTC, Tom Prado
digest-linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16-pre3 (digest-linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre3,220 bytes, text/plain)
2002-10-17 00:10 UTC, Tom Prado
sys-apps/linux-wlan-ng/linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16-pre4.ebuild (linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre4.ebuild,3.98 KB, text/plain)
2002-10-23 14:24 UTC, Tom Prado
digest-linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16-pre4 (digest-linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre4,145 bytes, text/plain)
2002-10-23 14:25 UTC, Tom Prado
linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre6.ebuild (linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre6.ebuild,4.05 KB, text/plain)
2002-11-07 02:23 UTC, Bret Towe
linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre6.ebuild (new) (linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre6.ebuild,4.23 KB, text/plain)
2002-11-08 11:39 UTC, Tom Prado
net-wireless/linux-wlan-ng/linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre6.ebuild (new2) (linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre6.ebuild,4.20 KB, text/plain)
2002-11-11 15:46 UTC, Tom Prado

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Description Tom Prado 2002-09-12 13:30:59 UTC
Provides kernel modules for prism2 based wireless network cards.  Several
wireless cards require this set of pcmcia/usb/pci device drivers to operate. 
The wlan set of tools work with the pcmcia-cs tools - though configuration is
slightly different.

Note that I'm not affiliated with the wlan-ng company at all.
Comment 1 Tom Prado 2002-09-12 13:34:32 UTC
Created attachment 3866 [details]
linux-wlan-ng ebuild

This is the main ebuild for linux-wlan-ng.  I have it in
/usr/portage/sys-apps/linux-wlan-ng since pcmcia-cs is in sys-apps too.
Comment 2 Tom Prado 2002-09-12 13:35:15 UTC
Created attachment 3867 [details]
ChangeLog for linux-wlan-ng

This is the initial ChangeLog
Comment 3 Tom Prado 2002-09-12 13:36:27 UTC
Created attachment 3868 [details]
MD5 digest for linux-wlan-ng

Here we have the digest.
Comment 4 Tom Prado 2002-09-26 20:28:25 UTC
Created attachment 4224 [details]
ebuild for 0.1.15

This ebuild is for the latest version of the linux-wlan-ng-0.1.15.tar.gz
Comment 5 Tom Prado 2002-09-26 20:29:45 UTC
Created attachment 4225 [details]
new changelog for 0.1.15

ChangeLog for 0.1.15.
Comment 6 Tom Prado 2002-09-26 20:30:19 UTC
Created attachment 4226 [details]
digest for 0.1.15

This is the digest for 0.1.15
Comment 7 Tom Prado 2002-10-06 16:05:48 UTC
Created attachment 4460 [details]

This is the latest version of linux-wlan-ng.  This one appears to fix the
compile problems when using gentoo-sources and lolo-sources.  acpi-sources
(which I use) had always worked so I wasn't aware that the others didn't.
Comment 8 Tom Prado 2002-10-06 16:06:09 UTC
Created attachment 4461 [details]
ChangeLog (updated for 0.1.16_pre1)
Comment 9 Tom Prado 2002-10-06 16:06:46 UTC
Created attachment 4462 [details]
digest for 0.1.16_pre1
Comment 10 Tom Prado 2002-10-17 00:09:23 UTC
Created attachment 4768 [details]

Latest ebuild for linux-wlan-ng
Comment 11 Tom Prado 2002-10-17 00:10:13 UTC
Created attachment 4769 [details]

Digest for latest linux-wlan-ng
Comment 12 Tom Prado 2002-10-23 14:24:14 UTC
Created attachment 4949 [details]

The linux-wlan-ng maintainer merged my keygen patch into his sources so this
version of the ebuild does not require the patch from my website.
Comment 13 Tom Prado 2002-10-23 14:25:34 UTC
Created attachment 4950 [details]
Comment 14 Tom Prado 2002-10-30 23:33:53 UTC
Just FYI

I tried compiling this on my Gentoo 1.4rc install and it it compiles fine.  I
don't have a wireless network card on it so I couldn't test "end to end" but it
looks good.

Any chance this can make it into the portage tree before the freeze is lifted?
Comment 15 Chad Huneycutt (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2002-10-31 10:09:48 UTC
Okay, I am committing this and masking with KEYWORDS=~x86.  Make sure it works.
 Does this conflict with pcmcia-cs in any way, or just add a new module? 
Comment 16 Tom Prado 2002-10-31 16:08:49 UTC
It shouldn't conflict with pcmcia-cs but since my laptop REQUIRES the wlan
drivers and won't work with pcmcia-cs alone I can't be 100% certain.  It doesn't
overwrite the pcmcia-cs files at all.  I'll remove my current install of the
ebuild and merge the masked one in.
Comment 17 Bret Towe 2002-11-07 02:22:18 UTC
after trying this out on a computer here that i recently got a wireless card for
i worked on the ebuild so it can optionaly have pcmcia support
cause i have 2 comps here that have wireless and nether need it and on a p100
you think of every way to save time on compiling ;)
i also tested out pre6 of this and seems to work fine
Comment 18 Bret Towe 2002-11-07 02:23:34 UTC
Created attachment 5439 [details]

here is the updated ebuild for pre6
Comment 19 Bertrand Baudet 2002-11-08 03:15:59 UTC
I just tried the ebuild 0.1.16_pre6 and it works great for me.  I would suggest adding a 'depmod -a' at the end of the installation. It would save some time to people wondering why the module doesn't get loaded when inserting the card. 
Comment 20 Bret Towe 2002-11-08 08:25:48 UTC
depmod -a is, its in package post install
Comment 21 Tom Prado 2002-11-08 11:39:48 UTC
Created attachment 5479 [details]
linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre6.ebuild (new)

I tried the new pre6 ebuild and it works good.	I've updated it for the new
configuration methods introduced since pre4.  /etc/pcmcia/wlan-ng.opts is
depricated.  The config files (as installed by make install) are all in
/etc/wlan.  I've updated the ebuild to move these to /etc/conf.d and change
/etc/wlan/shared to refer to the new location.	I've also updated the einfo
messages at the end to describe the new configuration.

Please give this one a shot.  If it looks good, can we add it to the portage
tree masked as ~x86?
Comment 22 Chad Huneycutt (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2002-11-11 13:25:42 UTC
We should think about incorporating this with our pcmcia-cs package.  Would that
make any sense to the non-pcmcia people?  A couple questions:

1. Can /etc/wlan/shared be integrated with /etc/pcmcia/shared?  It apparently
has theh same functionality, so maybe it should be installed there.  Or at least
make it /etc/pcmcia/wlan.shared or some such.

2. Before I commit it, I need someone to take a look at the install section. 
There are a few errors generated (trying to install docs that don't exist,
missing directories, etc.)
Comment 23 Tom Prado 2002-11-11 15:46:22 UTC
Created attachment 5586 [details]
net-wireless/linux-wlan-ng/linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16_pre6.ebuild (new2)

Here is a new ebuild that addresses the issues mentioned.
Comment 24 Tom Prado 2002-11-11 15:54:09 UTC
I submitted an updated ebuild.  

I don't think this belongs in the pcmcia-cs package since it (wlan) also has USB
and PCI drivers.  This package includes drivers for wireless lans and nothing
else (that I'm aware of) and pcmcia-cs includes many different types of drivers.  

The /etc/wlan/shared file contains shared functions for the wlan tools
(wlanctl-ng, wlancfg, etc..)  Although it's function is similar to
/etc/pcmcia/shared I don't think they overlap enough to be able to be merged. 
linux-wlan-ng is constantly changing and it might be more trouble than it's
worth to try to combine them.

The wlan/shared file can possibly be moved to /etc/pcmcia/shared.wlan but since
wlan can be built with no PCMCIA support, it seems to make more sense to leave
it in /etc/wlan.  

This is just my $0.02  :-)

Tom Prado
Comment 25 Tom Prado 2002-11-11 16:39:08 UTC
There is one more item that needs to addressed that I forgot to mention.  The
file in /etc/init.d/wlan is provided by the make install process.  It is not a
gentooized startup file.  This should probably be moved elsewhere and a gentoo
type net.wlan0 should be provided to start up and stop the devices.  The current
wlan script does several things to bring the card(s) online.  I'm not sure if
you'd want this as part of this ebuild or if we should wait for pre7 to come out
first.  I'm on the linux-wlan-ng mailing list and there have been several CVS
commits since pre6...

Tom Prado
Comment 26 Chad Huneycutt (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2002-11-11 16:46:22 UTC
Okay, you have me convinced.  I'll commit the latest ebuild in just a bit.
Comment 27 Tom Prado 2002-11-11 20:07:41 UTC
Thanks for submitting it.  Bret Towe submitted the original pre6 with the
optional pcmcia support - I noticed you had given me full credit in the ChangeLog.
Comment 28 Patrik Kullman 2002-12-09 01:48:50 UTC
linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16-pre7.tar.gz is out.
Comment 29 Tom Prado 2002-12-09 09:47:47 UTC
I've been using pre7 since it came out in my PORTDIR_OVERLAY.  It's perfectly
fine.  Chad,  when you get a chance, can you bump the version?  There's no
ebuild changes.
Comment 30 Chad Huneycutt (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2002-12-09 09:58:16 UTC
Okay, I copied over the ebuild and ~x86'ed it.
Comment 31 Chad Huneycutt (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2002-12-15 12:53:37 UTC
Haven't heard any complaints, so closing.