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Bug 70068 - emerging alsa failed saying alsa built in to kernel
Summary: emerging alsa failed saying alsa built in to kernel
Alias: None
Product: Gentoo Linux
Classification: Unclassified
Component: New packages (show other bugs)
Hardware: x86 Linux
: High normal (vote)
Assignee: Gentoo Sound Team
Depends on:
Reported: 2004-11-04 10:34 UTC by nachiketa sahoo
Modified: 2004-11-07 02:36 UTC (History)
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Description nachiketa sahoo 2004-11-04 10:34:16 UTC
doing a emerge -uvDa today tried to emerge alsa-drivers as a dependency of something else, but, while emerging it detected that kernel has built in alsa support, hence it failed. 


checking for directory with kernel source... /usr/src/linux
checking for kernel version... 2.6.9-gentoo-r1
checking for GCC version... Kernel compiler: gcc 3.3.4 20040623 (Gentoo Linux 3.3.4-r1, ssp-3.3.2-2, pie-8.7.6) Used compiler: gcc (GCC) 3.3.4 20040623 (Gentoo Linux 3.3.4-r1, ssp-3.3.2-2, pie-8.7.6)
checking for built-in ALSA... "yes"
configure: error: You have built-in ALSA in your kernel.

!!! ERROR: media-sound/alsa-driver-1.0.6a failed.
!!! Function econf, Line 449, Exitcode 1
!!! econf failed
!!! If you need support, post the topmost build error, NOT this status message.


Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
Comment 1 tklauser 2004-11-04 11:35:27 UTC
Since the 2.5 Kernel series ALSA is part of the vanilla kernel (from so there's no need to install alsa-drivers anymore. You have to build the needed drivers as kernel modules.

This bug can be marked invalid.
Comment 2 nachiketa sahoo 2004-11-04 11:40:39 UTC
right .. there is no need to install alsa-drivers, but, i guess kde-3.3.1 or something pulls alsa-driver as a dependency, and there is no way to stop it. It fails the emerge -uvDa world, hence the bug is not invalid.
Comment 3 tklauser 2004-11-04 12:11:19 UTC
Yeah, kde-base/arts depends on virtual/alsa and alsa-driver provides that. But also the kernel-sources (2.6.x) provide virtual/alsa so there _should_ be no problem removing it. But if portage wont let you, please provide the command you used to emerge, a more verbose error message and emerge info output.
Comment 4 nachiketa sahoo 2004-11-04 12:51:47 UTC
I gave the following command

1. emerge -uva world

The output was

Calculating world dependencies ...done!
[ebuild  NS   ] media-sound/alsa-driver-1.0.6a  -debug +oss 0 kB 
[ebuild     U ] kde-base/arts-1.3.1 [1.3.0] +alsa +arts -artswrappersuid -debug +esd -jack +mad +oggvorbis +xinerama* 944 kB 
[ebuild     U ] kde-base/kdelibs-3.3.1 [3.3.0] +alsa +arts -cups* -debug +doc* -ipv6 -kerberos +ldap +ssl +tiff* +xinerama* 15,208 kB 
[ebuild     U ] kde-base/kdebase-3.3.1 [3.3.0] +arts -cups* -debug +java +ldap +opengl +pam +samba* +ssl +xinerama* 19,439 kB 
[ebuild     U ] dev-libs/libusb-0.1.8 [0.1.7-r1] -debug +doc* 313 kB 
[ebuild     U ] media-gfx/sane-backends-1.0.14-r6 [1.0.14-r3] +gphoto2 -ipv6 +usb 3,163 kB 
[ebuild     U ] kde-base/kdegraphics-3.3.0-r2 [3.3.0-r1] +arts -debug +gphoto2 +imlib -jpeg2k +opengl -povray +scanner +tetex +xinerama* 0 kB 
[ebuild     U ] x11-misc/superkaramba-0.34 [0.33-r1] +arts -debug +doc* +xinerama* 1,270 kB 
[ebuild     U ] media-gfx/entice- [] +doc* +nls 566 kB 
[ebuild     U ] media-libs/etox- [] +doc* +nls 779 kB 
[ebuild     U ] x11-libs/ewl- [] -debug +doc* +nls 2,088 kB 
[ebuild     U ] x11-misc/engage- [] +doc* +nls +xinerama* 1,033 kB 

Total size of downloads: 44,809 kB

Do you want me to merge these packages? [Yes/No] 

So, you see, the alsa-driver is at the top. Then when it starts emerging this list, it fails at alsa-drivers.

Yesterday I got the warning from emerge that my profile is obsolet and I should remove /etc/make.profile. Then I should make a link from /usr/portage/profiles/default-linux/x86/2004.0 to /etc/make.profile

I did that. Could it be the reason?
Comment 5 tklauser 2004-11-04 13:03:34 UTC
Yeah, this could be the reason. Try to set the link to the 2004.3 profile and emerge again. Is alsa-driver still in the list of the packages to merge? If so, can you pleas provide an output of "emerge -uvp --tree world" and look if alsa-driver is entered in /var/lib/portage?
Comment 6 nachiketa sahoo 2004-11-04 13:54:31 UTC
profile is set.

# ll -d /etc/make.profile 
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 46 Nov  4 16:43 /etc/make.profile -> /usr/portage/profiles/default-linux/x86/2004.3

The output of the tree command is 

Calculating world dependencies  .... ...done!
[ebuild     U ] x11-misc/engage- [] +doc* +nls +xinerama* 1,033 kB 
[ebuild     U ]  x11-libs/ewl- [] -debug +doc* +nls 2,088 kB 
[ebuild     U ]   media-libs/etox- [] +doc* +nls 779 kB 
[ebuild     U ] media-gfx/entice- [] +doc* +nls 566 kB 
[ebuild     U ] x11-misc/superkaramba-0.34 [0.33-r1] +arts -debug +doc* +xinerama* 1,270 kB 
[ebuild     U ] kde-base/kdegraphics-3.3.0-r2 [3.3.0-r1] +arts -debug +gphoto2 +imlib -jpeg2k +opengl -povray +scanner +tetex +xinerama* 0 kB 
[ebuild     U ]  media-gfx/sane-backends-1.0.14-r6 [1.0.14-r3] +gphoto2 -ipv6 +usb 3,163 kB 
[ebuild     U ]   dev-libs/libusb-0.1.8 [0.1.7-r1] -debug +doc* 313 kB 
[ebuild     U ] kde-base/kdebase-3.3.1 [3.3.0] +arts -cups* -debug +java +ldap +opengl +pam +samba* +ssl +xinerama* 19,439 kB 
[ebuild     U ]  kde-base/kdelibs-3.3.1 [3.3.0] +alsa +arts -cups* -debug +doc* -ipv6 -kerberos +ldap +ssl +tiff* +xinerama* 15,208 kB 
[ebuild     U ]   kde-base/arts-1.3.1 [1.3.0] +alsa +arts -artswrappersuid -debug +esd -jack +mad +oggvorbis +xinerama* 944 kB 
[ebuild  NS   ]   media-sound/alsa-driver-1.0.6a  -debug +oss 0 kB 
Comment 7 tklauser 2004-11-04 14:07:51 UTC
Could you check if alsa-driver is entered in /var/lib/portage/world ?

What kernel-sources do you have installed?
Comment 8 nachiketa sahoo 2004-11-04 15:49:43 UTC
alsa-drivers is not in the world file, although it has 


I am using gentoo-dev-sources 2.6.9-gentoo-r1 kernel. 
Comment 9 nachiketa sahoo 2004-11-04 16:43:07 UTC
was it my mistake that /etc/make.profile should be a symbolic link to /usr/portage/profiles/default-x86-2004.2 ? anyways. the alsa-driver still tries to emerge. 
Comment 10 tklauser 2004-11-04 23:37:03 UTC
No, that  wasn't a mistake. But you can safely use 2004.3 since it's the most recent version of Gentoo, but using 2004.2 should make no difference.
I can't explain why alsa-driver is a dependency of arts, the ebuilds don't show any dependency other than to virtual/alsa.

Did you remove the Kernel sources ebuild after building the kernel?

Additionally can you please post an output of "emerge info"?
Comment 11 Jeremy Huddleston (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-11-04 23:58:07 UTC
do 'emerge unmerge alsa-driver' just to be safe...
Comment 12 nachiketa sahoo 2004-11-05 06:29:35 UTC
I didn't remove kernel source ebuild i.e. gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.9-r1's ebuild. 
Here is emerge info.
root # emerge info
Portage 2.0.51-r2 (default-x86-2004.2, gcc-3.3.4, glibc-, 2.6.9
-gentoo-r1 i686)
System uname: 2.6.9-gentoo-r1 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
Gentoo Base System version 1.4.16
ccache version 2.3 [enabled]
Autoconf: sys-devel/autoconf-2.59-r5
Automake: sys-devel/automake-1.8.5-r1
Binutils: sys-devel/binutils-
Headers:  sys-kernel/linux26-headers-
Libtools: sys-devel/libtool-1.5.2-r5
CFLAGS="-march=pentium4 -Os -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer"
CONFIG_PROTECT="/etc /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb /usr/kde/2/share/config /usr/kde/3.3
/env /usr/kde/3.3/share/config /usr/kde/3.3/shutdown /usr/kde/3/share/config /us
r/lib/mozilla/defaults/pref /usr/share/config /usr/share/texmf/dvipdfm/config/ /
usr/share/texmf/dvips/config/ /usr/share/texmf/tex/generic/config/ /usr/share/te
xmf/tex/platex/config/ /usr/share/texmf/xdvi/ /var/qmail/control"
CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK="/etc/gconf /etc/terminfo /etc/env.d"
CXXFLAGS="-O2 -mcpu=i686 -pipe"
FEATURES="autoaddcvs buildpkg ccache distcc distlocks notitles sandbox userpriv 
too ftp://gentoo.netnitco
PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage /usr/local/bmg-gnome-current /usr/local/flui
dportage/trunk /usr/local/kde_overlay/portage"
USE="X aalib alsa apm arts avi berkdb bitmap-fonts bonobo cdr crypt directfb doc
 dvd encode esd f77 foomaticdb gdbm ggi gif gnome gphoto2 gpm gtk gtk2 gtkhtml g
uile imlib innodb java jpeg kde ldap libg++ libwww mad mikmod motif mpeg mysql n
as ncurses nls nptl oggvorbis opengl oss pam pdflib perl pic png postgres python
 qt quicktime readline scanner sdl slang spell sse ssl svg svga tcltk tcpd tetex
 truetype usb x86 xinerama xml2 xmms xv zlib"
Comment 13 nachiketa sahoo 2004-11-06 10:57:10 UTC
Follows my virtuals file .. if that is of any help.

virtual/gsasl			net-libs/libgsasl
virtual/lpr			net-print/cups
virtual/python			dev-lang/python
virtual/mta			mail-mta/ssmtp
virtual/alsa			media-sound/alsa-driver
virtual/kernel			sys-kernel/linux-headers
virtual/linux-sources		sys-kernel/gentoo-sources
virtual/glibc			sys-libs/glibc
virtual/libc			sys-libs/glibc
virtual/x11			x11-base/xorg-x11
virtual/opengl			x11-base/xorg-x11
virtual/glu			x11-base/xorg-x11
virtual/glut			media-libs/glut
virtual/imapUW			net-mail/uw-imap
virtual/jdk			dev-java/blackdown-jdk
virtual/jre			dev-java/blackdown-jre
virtual/imapd			net-mail/courier-imap
virtual/blackbox		x11-wm/blackbox
virtual/emacs			app-editors/emacs
virtual/cron			sys-apps/dcron
virtual/xemacs			app-editors/xemacs
virtual/sylpheed		mail-client/sylpheed
virtual/php			dev-php/mod_php
virtual/httpd-php				dev-php/mod_php
virtual/textbrowser		net-www/links
virtual/mda			mail-filter/procmail
virtual/xft			x11-base/xorg-x11
virtual/krb5			app-crypt/mit-krb5
virtual/bootloader		sys-boot/grub
virtual/editor			app-editors/nano
virtual/jack			media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit
virtual/quicktime		media-libs/libquicktime
virtual/os-headers		sys-kernel/linux-headers
virtual/ghc			dev-lang/ghc-bin
virtual/modutils		sys-apps/module-init-tools
virtual/inetd			sys-apps/xinetd
virtual/antivirus		app-antivirus/clamav
virtual/aspell-dict		app-dicts/aspell-en
virtual/skkserv			app-i18n/skkserv
virtual/snmp			net-analyzer/net-snmp
virtual/winkernel		sys-kernel/win4lin-sources
virtual/imap-c-client		net-libs/c-client
virtual/wine			app-emulation/wine
virtual/flim			app-emacs/flim
virtual/semi			app-emacs/semi
virtual/tetex			app-text/tetex
virtual/bittorrent		net-p2p/bittorrent
virtual/logger			app-admin/sysklogd
virtual/ssh			net-misc/openssh
virtual/commonlisp		dev-lisp/cmucl dev-lisp/sbcl dev-lisp/cmucl
virtual/tftp			net-misc/tftp-hpa
virtual/gzip			app-arch/gzip
virtual/ghostscript		app-text/ghostscript
virtual/cdrtools		app-cdr/cdrtools
virtual/mpg123			media-sound/mpg123
virtual/dhcpc			net-misc/dhcpcd
virtual/ruby			dev-lang/ruby
virtual/dev-manager		sys-fs/devfsd
virtual/blas			app-sci/blas-atlas
virtual/lapack			app-sci/lapack-atlas
virtual/squeak-image		dev-lang/squeak-fullimage
virtual/mailx			mail-client/mailx
virtual/w3m		www-client/w3m
virtual/gnustep-back    	gnustep-base/gnustep-back-art
virtual/pdfviewer		app-text/xpdf
virtual/psviewer		app-text/gv
Comment 14 tklauser 2004-11-06 11:21:28 UTC
Delete the entry:

virtual/alsa			media-sound/alsa-driver

and add

virtual/alsa			sys-kernel/gentoo-dev-sources

or whatever Kernel you're using instead.
Comment 15 nachiketa sahoo 2004-11-06 12:00:07 UTC
unmerged alsa-driver and removed that alsa line from virtuals and replaced it with gentoo-dev-sources .. now it's alright.
Comment 16 nachiketa sahoo 2004-11-06 13:15:10 UTC
I mean .. can probably be closed. But, it's beyond my comprehension .. why the alsa thing was their in the virtuals. 
Comment 17 Jeremy Huddleston (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-11-07 02:36:04 UTC