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Bug 677794 - dev-db/repmgr-4.2: version bump
Summary: dev-db/repmgr-4.2: version bump
Alias: None
Product: Gentoo Linux
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Current packages (show other bugs)
Hardware: All Linux
: Normal normal (vote)
Assignee: Robin Johnson
Depends on:
Reported: 2019-02-12 12:20 UTC by Tomáš Mózes
Modified: 2019-10-10 17:23 UTC (History)
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Description Tomáš Mózes 2019-02-12 12:20:42 UTC
4.2     2018-10-24
        repmgr: add parameter "shutdown_check_timeout" for use by "standby switchover";
          GitHub #504 (Ian)
        repmgr: add "--node-id" option to "repmgr cluster cleanup"; GitHub #493 (Ian)
        repmgr: report unreachable nodes when running "repmgr cluster (matrix|crosscheck);
          GitHub #246 (Ian)
        repmgr: add configuration file parameter "repmgr_bindir"; GitHub #246 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix "Missing replication slots" label in "node check"; GitHub #507 (Ian)
        repmgrd: fix parsing of -d/--daemonize option (Ian)
        repmgrd: support "pausing" of repmgrd (Ian)

4.1.1   2018-09-05
        logging: explicitly log the text of failed queries as ERRORs to
          assist logfile analysis; GitHub #498
        repmgr: truncate version string, if necessary; GitHub #490 (Ian)
        repmgr: improve messages emitted during "standby promote" (Ian)
        repmgr: "standby clone" - don't copy external config files in --dry-run
          mode; GitHub #491 (Ian)
        repmgr: add "cluster_cleanup" event; GitHub #492 (Ian)
        repmgr: (standby switchover) improve detection of free walsenders;
          GitHub #495 (Ian)
        repmgr: (node rejoin) improve replication slot handling; GitHub #499 (Ian)
        repmgrd: ensure that sending SIGHUP always results in the log file
          being reopened; GitHub #485 (Ian)
        repmgrd: report version number *after* logger initialisation; GitHub #487 (Ian)
        repmgrd: fix startup on witness node when local data is stale; GitHub #488/#489 (Ian)
        repmgrd: improve cascaded standby failover handling; GitHub #480 (Ian)
        repmgrd: improve reconnection handling (Ian)

4.1.0   2018-07-31
        repmgr: change default log_level to INFO, add documentation; GitHub #470 (Ian)
        repmgr: add "--missing-slots" check to "repmgr node check" (Ian)
        repmgr: improve command line error handling; GitHub #464 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix "standby register --wait-sync" when no timeout provided (Ian)
        repmgr: "cluster show" returns non-zero value if an issue encountered;
          GitHub #456 (Ian)
        repmgr: "node check" and "node status" returns non-zero value if an issue
           encountered (Ian)
        repmgr: add CSV output mode to "cluster event"; GitHub #471 (Ian)
        repmgr: add -q/--quiet option to suppress non-error output; GitHub #468 (Ian)
        repmgr: "node status" returns non-zero value if an issue encountered (Ian)
        repmgr: enable "recovery_min_apply_delay" to be 0; GitHub #448 (Ian)
        repmgr: "cluster cleanup" - add missing help options; GitHub #461/#462 (gclough)
        repmgr: ensure witness node follows new primary after switchover;
          GitHub #453 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix witness node handling in "node check"/"node status";
          GitHub #451 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix "primary_slot_name" when using "standby clone" with --recovery-conf-only;
          GitHub #474 (Ian)
        repmgr: don't perform a switchover if an exclusive backup is running;
          GitHub #476 (Martín)
        repmgr: enable "witness unregister" to be run on any node; GitHub #472 (Ian)
        repmgrd: create a PID file by default; GitHub #457 (Ian)
        repmgrd: daemonize process by default; GitHub #458 (Ian)

4.0.6   2018-06-14
        repmgr: (witness register) prevent registration of a witness server with the
          same name as an existing node (Ian)
        repmgr: (standby follow) check node has actually connected to new primary
          before reporting success; GitHub #444 (Ian)
        repmgr: (standby clone) improve handling of external configuration file copying,
          including consideration in --dry-run check; GitHub #443 (Ian)
        repmgr: (standby clone) don't require presence of "user" parameter in
          conninfo string; GitHub #437 (Ian)
        repmgr: (standby clone) improve documentation of --recovery-conf-only
          mode; GitHub #438 (Ian)
        repmgr: (node rejoin) fix bug when parsing --config-files parameter;
          GitHub #442 (Ian)
        repmgr: when using --dry-run, force log level to INFO to ensure output
          will always be displayed; GitHub #441 (Ian)
        repmgr: (cluster matrix/crosscheck) return non-zero exit code if node
           connection issues detected; GitHub #447 (Ian)
        repmgrd: ensure local node is counted as quorum member; GitHub #439 (Ian)

4.0.5   2018-05-02
        repmgr: poll demoted primary after restart as a standby during a
          switchover operation; GitHub #408 (Ian)
        repmgr: add configuration parameter "config_directory"; GitHub #424 (Ian)
        repmgr: add "dbname=replication" to all replication connection strings;
          GitHub #421 (Ian)
        repmgr: add sanity check if --upstream-node-id not supplied when executing
          "standby register"; GitHub #395 (Ian)
        repmgr: enable provision of "archive_cleanup_command" in recovery.conf;
          GitHub #416 (Ian)
        repmgr: actively check for node to rejoin cluster; GitHub #415 (Ian)
        repmgr: enable pg_rewind to be used with PostgreSQL 9.3/9.4; GitHub #413 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix minimum accepted value for "degraded_monitoring_timeout";
          GitHub #411 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix superuser password handling; GitHub #400 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix parsing of "archive_ready_critical" configuration file
          parameter; GitHub #426 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix display of conninfo parsing error messages (Ian)
        repmgr: fix "repmgr cluster crosscheck" output; GitHub #389 (Ian)
        repmgrd: prevent standby connection handle from going stale (Ian)
        repmgrd: fix memory leaks in witness code; GitHub #402 (AndrzejNowicki, Martín)
        repmgrd: handle "pg_ctl promote" timeout; GitHub #425 (Ian)
        repmgrd: handle failover situation with only two nodes in the primary
          location, and at least one node in another location; GitHub #407 (Ian)
        repmgrd: set "connect_timeout=2" when pinging a server (Ian)

4.0.4   2018-03-09
        repmgr: add "standby clone --recovery-conf-only" option; GitHub #382 (Ian)
        repmgr: make "standby promote" timeout values configurable; GitHub #387 (Ian)
        repmgr: improve replication slot warnings generated by "node status";
          GitHub #385 (Ian)
        repmgr: remove restriction on replication slots when cloning from
          a Barman server; GitHub #379 (Ian)
        repmgr: ensure "node rejoin" honours "--dry-run" option; GitHub #383 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix --superuser handling when cloning a standby; GitHub #380 (Ian)
        repmgr: update various help options; GitHub #391, #392 (hasegeli)
        repmgrd: add event "repmgrd_shutdown"; GitHub #393 (Ian)
        repmgrd: improve detection of status change from primary to standby (Ian)
        repmgrd: improve log output in various situations (Ian)
        repmgrd: improve reconnection to the local node after a failover (Ian)
        repmgrd: ensure witness server connects to new primary after a failover (Ian)

4.0.3   2018-02-15
        repmgr: improve switchover handling when "pg_ctl" used to control the
          server and logging output is not explicitly redirected (Ian)
        repmgr: improve switchover log messages and exit code when old primary could
          not be shut down cleanly (Ian)
        repmgr: check demotion candidate can make a replication connection to the
          promotion candidate before executing a switchover; GitHub #370 (Ian)
        repmgr: add check for sufficient walsenders/replication slots before executing
          a switchover; GitHub #371 (Ian)
        repmgr: add --dry-run mode to "repmgr standby follow"; GitHub #368 (Ian)
        repmgr: provide information about the primary node for "standby_register" and
          "standby_follow" event notifications; GitHub #375 (Ian)
        repmgr: add "standby_register_sync" event notification; GitHub #374 (Ian)
        repmgr: output any connection error messages in "cluster show"'s list of
          warnings; GitHub #369 (Ian)
        repmgr: ensure an inactive data directory can be deleted; GitHub #366 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix upstream node display in "repmgr node status"; GitHub #363 (fanf2)
        repmgr: improve/clarify documentation and update --help output for
          "primary unregister"; GitHub #373 (Ian)
        repmgr: allow replication slots when Barman is configured; GitHub #379 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix parsing of "pg_basebackup_options"; GitHub #376 (Ian)
        repmgr: ensure "pg_subtrans" directory is created when cloning a standby in
          Barman mode (Ian)
        repmgr: fix primary node check in "witness register"; GitHub #377 (Ian)

4.0.2   2018-01-18
        repmgr: add missing -W option to getopt_long() invocation; GitHub #350 (Ian)
        repmgr: automatically create slot name if missing; GitHub #343 (Ian)
        repmgr: fixes to parsing output of remote repmgr invocations; GitHub #349 (Ian)
        repmgr: BDR support - create missing connection replication set
          if required; GitHub #347 (Ian)
        repmgr: handle missing node record in "repmgr node rejoin"; GitHub #358 (Ian)
        repmgr: enable documentation to be build as single HTML file; GitHub #353 (fanf2)
        repmgr: recognize "--terse" option for "repmgr cluster event"; GitHub #360 (Ian)
        repmgr: add "--wait-start" option for "repmgr standby register"; GitHub #356 (Ian)
        repmgr: add "%p" event notification parameter for "repmgr standby switchover"
          containing the node ID of the demoted primary (Ian)
        docs: various fixes and updates (Ian, Daymel, Martín, ams)

4.0.1   2017-12-13
        repmgr: ensure "repmgr node check --action=" returns appropriate return
          code; GitHub #340 (Ian)
        repmgr: add missing schema qualification in get_all_node_records_with_upstream()
          query GitHub #341 (Martín)
        repmgr: initialise "voting_term" table in application, not extension SQL;
          GitHub #344 (Ian)
        repmgr: delete any replication slots copied by pg_rewind; GitHub #334 (Ian)
        repmgr: fix configuration file sanity check; GitHub #342 (Ian)

4.0.0   2017-11-21
        Complete rewrite with many changes; for details see the repmgr 4.0.0 release
notes at:
Comment 1 Austin English 2019-10-10 17:23:00 UTC
FYI, 4.3 and 4.4 have also been released:

4.4     2019-06-27
        repmgr: improve "daemon status" output (Ian)
        repmgr: add "--siblings-follow" option to "standby promote" (Ian)
        repmgr: add "--repmgrd-force-unpause" option to "standby switchover" (Ian)
        repmgr: fix data directory permissions issue in barman mode where
          an existing directory is being overwritten (Ian)
        repmgr: improve "--dry-run" behaviour for "standby promote" and
          "standby switchover" (Ian)
        repmgr: when running "standby clone" with the "--upstream-conninfo" option
          ensure that "application_name" is set correctly in "primary_conninfo" (Ian)
        repmgr: ensure "--dry-run" together with --force when running "standby clone"
          in barman mode does not modify an existing data directory (Ian)
        repmgr: improve "--dry-run" output when running "standby clone" in
          basebackup mode (Ian)
        repmgr: improve upstream walsender checks when running "standby clone" (Ian)
        repmgr: display node timeline ID in "cluster show" output (Ian)
        repmgr: in "cluster show" and "daemon status", show upstream node name
          as reported by each individual node (Ian)
        repmgr: in "cluster show" and "daemon status", check if a node is attached
          to its advertised upstream node
        repmgr: use --compact rather than --terse option in "cluster event" (Ian)
        repmgr: prevent a standby being cloned from a witness server (Ian)
        repmgr: prevent a witness server being registered on the cluster primary (John)
        repmgr: ensure BDR2-specific functionality cannot be used on
          BDR3 and later (Ian)
        repmgr: canonicalize the data directory path (Ian)
        repmgr: note that "standby follow" requires a primary to be available (Ian)
        repmgrd: monitor standbys attached to primary (Ian)
        repmgrd: add "primary visibility consensus" functionality (Ian)
        repmgrd: fix memory leak which occurs while the monitored PostgreSQL
           node is not running (Ian)
        general: documentation converted to DocBook XML format (Ian)

4.3     2019-04-02
        repmgr: add "daemon (start|stop)" command; GitHub #528 (Ian)
        repmgr: add --version-number command line option (Ian)
        repmgr: add --compact option to "cluster show"; GitHub #521 (Ian)
        repmgr: cluster show - differentiate between unreachable nodes
          and nodes which are running but rejecting connections (Ian)
        repmgr: add --dry-run option to "standby promote"; GitHub #522 (Ian)
        repmgr: add "node check --data-directory-config"; GitHub #523 (Ian)
        repmgr: prevent potential race condition in "standby switchover"
          when checking received WAL location; GitHub #518 (Ian)
        repmgr: ensure "standby switchover" verifies repmgr can read the
          data directory on the demotion candidate; GitHub #523 (Ian)
        repmgr: ensure "standby switchover" verifies replication connection
          exists; GitHub #519 (Ian)
        repmgr: add sanity check for correct extension version (Ian)
        repmgr: ensure "witness register --dry-run" does not attempt to read node
          tables if repmgr extension not installed; GitHub #513 (Ian)
        repmgr: ensure "standby register" fails when --upstream-node-id is the
          same as the local node ID (Ian)
        repmgrd: check binary and extension major versions match; GitHub #515 (Ian)
        repmgrd: on a cascaded standby, don't fail over if "failover=manual";
          GitHub #531 (Ian)
        repmgrd: don't consider nodes where repmgrd is not running as promotion
          candidates (Ian)
        repmgrd: add option "connection_check_type" (Ian)
        repmgrd: improve witness monitoring when primary node not available (Ian)
		repmgrd: handle situation where a primary has unexpectedly appeared
		  during failover; GitHub #420 (Ian)
		general: fix Makefile (John)