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Bug 629272 - app-admin/apg SRC_URI and HOMEPAGE offline
Summary: app-admin/apg SRC_URI and HOMEPAGE offline
Alias: None
Product: Gentoo Linux
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Current packages (show other bugs)
Hardware: All Linux
: Normal major with 1 vote (vote)
Assignee: No maintainer - Look at if you want to take care of it
Keywords: PMASKED
: 680448 (view as bug list)
Depends on:
Reported: 2017-08-29 11:58 UTC by Jonas Stein
Modified: 2020-09-13 10:47 UTC (History)
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Description Jonas Stein gentoo-dev 2017-08-29 11:58:08 UTC
Is upstream dead, or did the project move?

/usr/portage/app-admin/apg$ GENTOO_MIRRORS="" ebuild apg-2.3.0b-r5.ebuild fetch 
>>> Downloading ''
--2017-08-29 13:54:20--
Resolving failed: Name or service not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address ‘’
!!! Couldn't download 'apg-2.3.0b.tar.gz'. Aborting.
Comment 1 Dustin Polke 2017-08-31 19:28:51 UTC
I did not find out if the project is dead or whether it has moved.
Other distros [0] seem to use a local copy of the tar ball.

I found the tar ball at fedora [1]. Maybe should use this right now.

Comment 2 Jonas Stein gentoo-dev 2017-08-31 21:59:56 UTC
here is an overview of distributions using apg:
Comment 3 Jonas Stein gentoo-dev 2017-11-13 16:48:14 UTC
Any news? If you need help, please join IRC and ask on our channels.
#gentoo-proxy-maint or #gentoo-dev-help
Comment 4 yuLya 2019-03-15 13:24:43 UTC
*** Bug 680448 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 5 Nal1yah 2020-02-06 21:01:39 UTC
Any updates on this package? It's still 404.
Comment 6 Jonas Stein gentoo-dev 2020-08-13 22:14:59 UTC
One of many password generators, but with dead upstream in this case.
Masked for removal after 2020-10-01
Comment 7 Larry the Git Cow gentoo-dev 2020-08-13 22:33:34 UTC
The bug has been referenced in the following commit(s):

commit 00e737a3fe35140eeec7a579d036e6472d5b0e27
Author:     Jonas Stein <>
AuthorDate: 2020-08-13 22:25:39 +0000
Commit:     Jonas Stein <>
CommitDate: 2020-08-13 22:25:39 +0000

    profiles: Last rite app-admin/apg
    One of many password generators, but with dead upstream in this case.
    Masked for removal after 2020-10-01
    Signed-off-by: Jonas Stein <>

 profiles/package.mask | 6 ++++++
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)
Comment 8 Tomáš Mózes 2020-08-14 04:56:47 UTC
Seems like app-admin/pwgen is a good alternative.
Comment 9 Grzegorz Kulewski 2020-09-05 20:19:00 UTC
Sorry, but for me removing trivial package just because it does not have new versions/active upstream/maintainer is insane.

app-admin/apg is a finished product with no needs (known to me) to be changed. It compiles, works, has no security issues (it's internal program without much space for attacks), no serious open bugs, is used by people (by hand and in scripts). Also the source code is small and trivial so any potential compilation issues (for example caused by changes to gcc or glibc, if any) should be very easy to fix by just about anyone. So why remove it? With this line of thinking you should promptly remove hello world too from everywhere - it didn't change for years and years.

Also app-admin/pwgen doesn't have all the features that app-admin/apg has and anyone can confirm it in about half a minute. So it's not a drop-in replacement.
Comment 10 Jonas Stein gentoo-dev 2020-09-10 18:52:11 UTC
which important features does agp have?
If it is really worth to be kept alive we should do it right with proper license and author tracking, upstream repository and bug tracker.
We cannot use a cache or mirror as primary source.
Comment 11 Grzegorz Kulewski 2020-09-10 19:35:09 UTC
(In reply to Jonas Stein from comment #10)
> which important features does agp have?

For example it allows to specify exact characters to be used in generated passwords. And a few other things that are not 1:1 portable to app-admin/pwgen. Also command line options differ so any scripts using apg would need heavier patching than s/apg/pwgen/.

While I agree that such patching is not an end of the World but doing it just because a working and properly licensed package doesn't have known home page anymore is just... strange.

> If it is really worth to be kept alive we should do it right with proper
> license and author tracking

I see file COPYING in the source package, license is some variant of BSD. It is also present in headers of source files. Also author is clearly mentioned, with email (not sure if working, I don't really care because apg works and I have no business bothering it's author).

> upstream repository and bug tracker.
> We cannot use a cache or mirror as primary source.

If you _really_ need it you can probably host in on Gentoo infra or create github for it as original web page seems to be down. Or if really needed I can host it somewhere.

Of course since it's very simple package without complicated eclasses, if you remove it I will easily survive by moving it to my own overlay.
Comment 12 Jonas Stein gentoo-dev 2020-09-10 21:43:59 UTC
* contacted author
* found (please test and report)
Comment 13 Grzegorz Kulewski 2020-09-10 23:17:46 UTC
Thank you.

It seems this is some fork with ~minor changes from the user's point of view. Mostly: code style, warning, build system.

Fork made no new release (yet?) but the fork author cared enough to import (at the begining of git history) many old versions, including the one that is currently in portage (newest released).

The author (of the fork) is responsive, he even created release files for old versions after you(?) asked.

I checked that the git import and github release file is consistent with Gentoo's current source. It seems that there were some minor whitespace changes to two txt man exports and there is new .gitattributes file (probably should be omited from release but it's harmless anyway). So no important difference found.

So I believe you should have everything you need to keep this package alive.

And if you really want you can create 99999 version for git head. I don't really care about new commits that much since I don't see any important fixes or features there but maybe I can test it when I find some spare time.