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Bug 48268 - panorama-tools-2.6.ebuild (New Package)
Summary: panorama-tools-2.6.ebuild (New Package)
Alias: None
Product: Gentoo Linux
Classification: Unclassified
Component: New packages (show other bugs)
Hardware: All All
: High enhancement (vote)
Assignee: Gentoo Graphics Project
Keywords: EBUILD
Depends on:
Reported: 2004-04-18 15:28 UTC by stephan
Modified: 2005-03-07 05:11 UTC (History)
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media-gfx/panorama-tools-2.6.ebuild (panorama-tools-2.6.ebuild,1.20 KB, text/plain)
2004-04-18 15:29 UTC, stephan
updated ebuild, change license (roadrunner-0.9.1.ebuild,1.11 KB, text/plain)
2004-04-30 13:02 UTC, Redeeman
panorama-tools-2.6.ebuild fixed SRC_URI and simplified (panorama-tools-2.6.ebuild,1.05 KB, text/plain)
2005-01-02 02:52 UTC, David Grant
panorama-tools-nonfree-2.7a.ebuild (panorama-tools-nonfree-2.7a.ebuild,1.40 KB, text/plain)
2005-01-03 00:10 UTC, David Grant
panorama-tools-nonfree-2.7a.ebuild updated (panorama-tools-nonfree-2.7a.ebuild,1.44 KB, text/plain)
2005-01-03 23:21 UTC, David Grant

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Description stephan 2004-04-18 15:28:19 UTC

this installs the java binaries and wrappers, so you can actually do something with the panotools lib. This package is needed for hugin.
Comment 1 stephan 2004-04-18 15:29:22 UTC
Created attachment 29581 [details]
Comment 2 Redeeman 2004-04-30 13:02:59 UTC
Created attachment 30406 [details]
updated ebuild, change license

good, now i chagned license to as-is
Comment 3 Redeeman 2004-04-30 13:07:44 UTC
argh, sorry, my konqueror doesent like having 2 tabs with bugzilla open, it inserted ebuild to wrong bug, sorry
Comment 4 Redeeman 2004-05-02 12:03:36 UTC
this ebuild works perfect, however, i couldnt get the ebuild this depends on, panotools to compile, this might be because i only have gcc3.3.3 and 3.4.0, i dont know, but with --nodeps this one works perfect.
Comment 5 Rui Malheiro 2004-05-05 04:27:39 UTC
I just want to report that the this ebuild and all it's depends compiled without problems on my system (~x86, gcc-3.3.3, glibc-2.3.3_pre20040117).
Comment 6 Chris Aniszczyk (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2004-05-16 11:45:58 UTC
Graphics guys take care of this
Comment 7 Luca Barbato gentoo-dev 2004-05-16 19:01:29 UTC
java people could you check the ebuild too? It is a java software for graphics so I guess with have to join-maintain/audit it
(the current ebuild is lacking the dependency on a jre btw...)
Comment 8 Kevin O'Rourke 2004-07-03 09:09:03 UTC
This works for me, as long as I use the panotools ebuild from Bugzilla (53487)
Comment 9 Luca Barbato gentoo-dev 2004-11-25 13:04:45 UTC
There is a new libpano12 package that worth ebuildify, I'll have a look during the weekend (anybody willing to help just drop me an e-mail)
Comment 10 Tobias Weisserth 2004-12-01 18:20:09 UTC
This is one the most desired ebuilds in the making I guess. Keep up the good work!
Comment 11 David Grant 2004-12-10 02:18:07 UTC
I don't see any source that matches...  what's going on?

Index of /~bruno/apt/redhat/9/en/i386/SRPMS.panorama

Icon  Name                                   Last modified      Size  Description[DIR] Parent Directory                                            -   
[   ] boost-1.30.2-2.src.rpm                 04-Feb-2004 13:40  5.2M  
[   ] boost-jam-3.1.4-2.src.rpm              04-Feb-2004 13:43  212K  
[   ] enblend-0.9-1.src.rpm                  09-Mar-2004 10:53  1.6M  
[   ] fftw-2.1.5-fr1.src.rpm                 31-Mar-2003 02:44  1.2M  
[   ] gimp-pandora-plugin-0.2-1.src.rpm      27-May-2003 22:08   12K  
[   ] gimp-panorama-plugin-1.0-2.src.rpm     27-May-2003 22:09  115K  
[   ] gimp-phfluuh-plugin-1.0-1.src.rpm      27-May-2003 22:09  1.0M  
[   ] gimp-tif2xcf-plugin-20020110-1.src.rpm 30-Oct-2003 23:24  4.2K  
[   ] gimp-wideangle-plugin-Feb03-1.src.rpm  01-Oct-2003 21:04   14K  
[   ] hugin-20040318-1.bp.rh9.src.rpm        18-Mar-2004 17:38  937K  
[   ] hugin-20040404-1.bp.rh9.src.rpm        09-Apr-2004 15:02  941K  
[   ] panoviewer-4.0-1.src.rpm               27-May-2003 22:09   34K  
[   ] vigra-1.2.0-6.src.rpm                  10-Feb-2004 12:48  2.1M  
[   ] wxGTK-2.4.1-fr1.src.rpm                15-Jun-2003 20:00  5.1M  
Comment 12 Luca Barbato gentoo-dev 2004-12-21 21:48:35 UTC
please check and give me feedback
Comment 13 David Grant 2005-01-01 02:27:51 UTC

I tried that ebuild and it seems to work ok, except there is a problem in the URL for SOURCES. You need http:// not http:/

I haven't tested yet, I'm just working on getting hugin built right now. Is there a way to test panotools without hugin?
Comment 14 David Grant 2005-01-02 01:32:10 UTC

Can you please create a new bug for that panotools-cvs ebuild? Or add to this bug report as an attachment?
Comment 15 David Grant 2005-01-02 01:39:12 UTC
From the website: "There may or may not be US patents covering stitching of fisheye photographs, consequently the sourcecode of this library has an artificial limit that prevents the use of fisheye images with a field of view greater than 160
Comment 16 David Grant 2005-01-02 01:39:12 UTC
From the website: "There may or may not be US patents covering stitching of fisheye photographs, consequently the sourcecode of this library has an artificial limit that prevents the use of fisheye images with a field of view greater than 160°."

This doesn't make sense to me, as I would think that this would only apply to commercial uses. As long as the use is non-commercial it is ok to infringe on a patent, is it not?

If anyone knows where to workaround this in the source code, let me know.
Comment 17 David Grant 2005-01-02 02:52:22 UTC
Created attachment 47361 [details]
panorama-tools-2.6.ebuild fixed SRC_URI and simplified

I have fixed the SRC_URI because what was there before didn't work. I also made
some simplifications, mainly removing src_unpack


< RPM_V="bml12-2"

> SRC_URI=""
<	media-libs/panotools
>	media-libs/panotools-cvs
< src_unpack() {
<	cd ${WORKDIR}
<	rpm2targz ${DISTDIR}/${P}${RPM_V}.src.rpm
<	tar zxf ${P}${RPM_V}.src.tar.gz
<	tar zxf PanoTools.tar.gz
< }
<	return
>	einfo "No compilation necessary"
<	cd ${S}
>	cd ${S} || die
<	cp -R ${S}/Helpers/Templates ${D}/usr/share/${PN}/Helpers/
>	cp -R ${S}/Helpers/Templates ${D}/usr/share/${PN}/Helpers/ || die
Comment 18 Luca Barbato gentoo-dev 2005-01-02 06:18:25 UTC
There is an ebuild in my overlay about that, see

Sadly there are just cvs snapshots available from ....
Comment 19 David Grant 2005-01-02 14:11:20 UTC
I'm confused about which version of the pano libs to use.

From the hugin INSTALL docs: 

 Panorama tools. Please DO NOT USE the versions from the original site.
   I'm using the version maintained by Max Lyons, which includes several
   important bugfixes. Other versions might work as well, have not been
   tested by the developers.

   Download it from: (windows binary and sourcecode)
   or (linux rpm & sourcecode)
   see below if you want to compile the panorama tools yourself.

I believe the ebuild I uploaded may be grabbing the pano libs from the original site. But the panorama-tools rpm is no longer found on the bugbear site!
Comment 20 David Grant 2005-01-02 14:14:53 UTC
Sorry, I should said panorama-tools, not pano libs. I was getting confused with panotools which is different from panorama-tools. Arghhh
Comment 21 David Grant 2005-01-02 22:57:57 UTC
obsoleted my ebuild, I was using the wrong sources.
Comment 22 David Grant 2005-01-02 23:32:41 UTC
Please keep this bug for Panorama Tools, as found on, such as: ptpicker, pteditor, PTOptimizer and PTStitcher

For libpano12, see Bug #76476
Comment 23 David Grant 2005-01-03 00:10:30 UTC
Created attachment 47437 [details]


Here is the newest ebuild for panorama-tools. It is now called
panorama-tools-nonfree to coincide with Bruno's naming convention. Note, from
his site: "The fc2 packages have more rational names than before, if you are
upgrading from fc1 or rh9 packages you will probably have to remove the old
hugin and panorama-tools packages first."

This is the most recent package which comes from the rpm for Fedora 2 made by
Bruno. I assume it incorporates all of the patches in the Max Lyon version, at: 

Anyone with permissions, please make all other ebuilds obsolete on this bug for
Comment 24 Luca Barbato gentoo-dev 2005-01-03 05:53:00 UTC
since it is just a yet another version of the panotools I'd like to stick with the

Marked as wontfix
Comment 25 David Grant 2005-01-03 12:45:42 UTC
Luca, I don't think you understand the panorama software tools suite.

There are the "Panorama Tools" which Bruno ( calls panorama-tools-nonfree.

Then there is the "libpano12" which Bruno calls libpano12. The versions are similar (2.6, 2.7, etc.) so they are easily confused.

Apparently Bruno used to call the libpano12 panotools which is what your cvs ebuild does.

libpano12 installs:
libs:,,,, libpano12.a
headers: ptutils.h, pteditor.h, panorama.h, filter.h, version.h, queryfeature.h
binaries: panoinfo, PTOptimizer

Panorama tools (panorama-tools-nonfree) installs:
binaris: PTInterpolate, PTStitcher, PTMorpher, PTStereo, PTStripe, PTAverage, PTOptimizer
jars: ptpicker.jar, pteditor.jar, ptcrypt.jar

They are totally different. Whether or not they were originally written by that Helmut guy, I don't know, but they are maitained by different people now.

libpano12 is provided by (unfortunate name for the sourceforge project, sounds like panorama-tools!). 

"Panorama Tools" (panorama-tools-nonfree) are sort of all over the place. They are here: at Helmut Dersch's original site: (original, hugin author says not to use these), at Max Lyons' site: (hugin author recommends this for Windows), and at Bruno's site: (hugin author recommend this for Linux, so I assume Bruno uses Max Lyons sources, alters them a bit and provides them there in the RPM.

We need two ebuilds for these and I recommend following Bruno's naming convention exactly since that is the only other activity I see in the Linux community as far as packaging these things goes. Also, I recommend it because it makes sense.

Please reopen this ebuild.
Comment 26 David Grant 2005-01-03 13:07:09 UTC
I believe some confusion also arises from the fact that panorama-tools-nonfree also includes a prebuilt

However, being gentoo, we should probably build from scratch.
Comment 27 Luca Barbato gentoo-dev 2005-01-03 18:14:38 UTC
I think I'll add the jars and such in the panotools IF I cannot find a better solution (remove completely java from the library and fetch workalike utilities that don't require java, I think there isn't the case to have java just for few guis that you may do not want to use...).
Comment 28 David Grant 2005-01-03 20:05:52 UTC
I don't think we should use the word panotools anymore. I don't know what it is referring to and never did. Many upstream authors seem to refer to it now and again, but they sometimes use it to refer to libpano12 or the "Panorama Tools" which I mentioned.

I don't really know how java is used for "panorama tools." I do know that Java is not just used for GUIs. In fact, I have written Java console C-like programs which didn't require GUIs. Java GUI stuff is Java/Swing. Swing is the GUI toolkit.

I tried running the PTInterpolate, PTStitcher, PTMorpher, PTStereo, PTStripe, PTAverage, PTOptimizer programs and they seem like command line programs.

As far as "workalike utilities that don't require java" I'm not sure what there is. The "panorama tools" and libpano12 are both required by hugin AFAIK. Actually hugin has it's own stitcher called "nona" which is a replacement for PTStitcher provided by "panorama tools." Since I don't know much about "nona" vs. "PTStitcher" and which one is better, I think we better provide the "panorama tools" fully.

I haven't looked in the jars, but perhaps they include things needed by the binaries PT*, etc...
Comment 29 David Grant 2005-01-03 23:21:34 UTC
Created attachment 47556 [details]
panorama-tools-nonfree-2.7a.ebuild updated

slightly updated.
Comment 30 David Grant 2005-01-03 23:39:37 UTC
Ok, I've figured out how to use the jars now:

java -mx128m -jar /usr/share/panorama-tools-nonfree/lib/ptpicker.jar
java -mx128m -jar /usr/share/panorama-tools-nonfree/lib/ptcrypt.jar
java -mx128m -jar /usr/share/panorama-tools-nonfree/lib/pteditor.jar

Although these programs look pretty useless and don't do anything that can't be done with hugin. It doesn't look like they being maintained at all since they are Helmut's original programs.

I have a feeling the other programs that start with PT* are required though.
Comment 31 David Grant 2005-01-03 23:50:00 UTC
I may be wrong, but it appears to me that the only helper app required by hugin as far as I can see right now, is the PTStitcher, although I haven't tested all of hugin's features. And even PTStitcher can be replaced by hugin's own "nona" program.

I've asked some questions to the ptx/hugin mailing list so that might clear things up a bit.

I really don't think the 3 jars are required since these are standalone apps of Helmut's. It looks like source code was never released for this according to Bruno's site: "Warning: the source rpm includes binary files that are licensed under the GPL, but which have never had source code released." They are also no longer maintained, and hugin seems to have the same functionality.
Comment 32 David Grant 2005-01-04 08:00:13 UTC
I have some information from Bruno regarding these tools:

He says that "No these are extras, not required to stitch panoramas with hugin."
So clearly hugin only requires the binaries it creates, like nona, and libpano12 (which includes libpano12).

The following is quoting Bruno:
PTStitcher: now largely superceded by nona/enblend.

PTOptimizer: source is now part of the libpano12 package.

PTMorpher: merge two images by interpolating between control-points.   This is a fairly standard image morphing tool.

PTAverage: merge multiple images by simple averaging of pixel values.  This can be replicated in a photo editor with some effort.

PTStripe: assembles multiple pictures taken around an object into a long strip suitable for viewing in an object viewer (such as the ptviewer applet) - This is simple image-appending easily replicated by imagemagick.

PTStereo: assembles 3d texture-mapped models of scenes based on multiple source photos - I would *love* to have a Free software version of this to play with.

PTInterpolate: I think this takes the output from PTStereo and renders intermediate viewpoints.

He also says what the programs in the jars are for:

ptpicker is a front-end analogous to hugin.  I believe that the only advantage it has is that it allows you to pick control-points in sets-of-three (necessary to drive the PTStereo tool).

pteditor is a viewer that allows you to extract parts of a panorama  as 'snapshots'.  You can edit these snapshots in the gimp and reinsert them seamlessly - It would be nice if panoglview acquired this functionality.

ptcrypt is a tool for scrambling jpeg images in a way intended to allow people to post panoramas on web-sites without making the raw image available - I seem to remember the encryption scheme was cracked within hours of release.

Unfortunately, the java tools expect to write files in your working directory, so the way to get them working is this kind of nastiness:

  chown username /usr/share/panorama-tools 

Finally, "No, although they are licensed under the GPL, they have no available sourcecode."

Strange, wouldn't that be a violation of the GPL?

I have no idea if there is any demand for these in the gentoo or gnu/linux community. Personally, I have no use for them at this time, I would suggest that we provide them for now, but it should be a lower priority in getting the ebuilds in good shape for portage.

Bruno says: "PTStitcher does some nice colour-correction stuff, but otherwise the nona and enblend combination work very well. I would suggest that a linux distribution could package libpano12, hugin/nona, enblend and panoglview - This would provide everything that is needed to do panoramic photography stuff." Along with autopano-sift, this is a good combination.
Comment 33 David Grant 2005-01-04 08:03:24 UTC
Guys, please see Bug #76476 and test if you can. Thanks.
Comment 34 David Grant 2005-01-04 08:27:23 UTC
Please everyone test all the tools which are depended on by the "tracker" Bug #76476.
Comment 35 David Grant 2005-01-04 08:28:36 UTC
Sorry, wrong bug number. Everyone please test the bugs depended on by the tracker Bug #24922
Comment 36 David Grant 2005-01-04 12:26:54 UTC
From conversations on the ptx/hugin mailing list, it would appear that panorama-tools-nonfree created by that Helmut guy are in violation of the GPL. He licensed them under the GPL but has never released the source code. I suggest we don't support support it for that reason, but instead support hugin/nona as an alternative to PTStitcher.

Feel free to close bug if you like, as WONTFIX.
Comment 37 Luca Barbato gentoo-dev 2005-01-06 07:21:46 UTC
Closing as WONTFIX again then

To sum up all we need is to replace the provided java applications and I could kill the java bindings if USE=-java
Comment 38 Luca Barbato gentoo-dev 2005-03-07 05:11:17 UTC
java bindings removed and replacement application present.