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Bug 409011 - app-portage/g-cpan-0.16.4 'g-cpan -u' fails with Invalid ebuild name: /var/lib/cpan/perl-gcpan/Best/Best-.ebuild
Summary: app-portage/g-cpan-0.16.4 'g-cpan -u' fails with Invalid ebuild name: /var/li...
Alias: None
Product: Gentoo Linux
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Current packages (show other bugs)
Hardware: All Linux
: Normal normal (vote)
Assignee: Robin Johnson
Depends on:
Reported: 2012-03-20 13:26 UTC by Juergen Rose
Modified: 2021-07-21 08:20 UTC (History)
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log.txt (log.txt,106.51 KB, text/plain)
2015-01-24 16:22 UTC, Juergen Rose

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Description Juergen Rose 2012-03-20 13:26:13 UTC
'g-cpan -u' fails with :

root@grizzly:/root(74)# g-cpan -u
 * OVERLAY: /var/lib/layman/arcon/perl-gcpan
 * Couldn't open folder /var/lib/layman/arcon/perl-gcpan: No such file or directory
 * OVERLAY: /var/lib/layman/arcon/perl-gcpan
 * Couldn't open folder /var/lib/layman/arcon/perl-gcpan: No such file or directory
 * Data-Hexdumper already up to date
|Fetching with LWP:
Fetching with LWP:
Checksum for /tmp/.cpan/sources/authors/id/B/BA/BAREFOOT/Test-File-1.33.tar.gz ok
 * Test::More is part of the core perl install
 * Test::Builder is part of the core perl install
 * Ebuild already exists for Test-Manifest (dev-perl/Test-Manifest)
 * Test::Builder::Tester is part of the core perl install
 * Test-File already up to date
Calculating dependencies /
Invalid ebuild name: /var/lib/cpan/perl-gcpan/Best/Best-.ebuild
... done!

>>> Verifying ebuild manifests
!!! A file is not listed in the Manifest: '/var/lib/cpan/perl-gcpan/Best/Best-.ebuild'

How can I get rid of "Best". It is not installed:

root@grizzly:/root(77)# qlist -Iv Best

It was anytime installed as a dependency of an other g-cpan package, but 'equery d' does not show this depency:

 root@grizzly:/root(78)# equery d Best
 * These packages depend on Best:

There is no g-cpan option to deinstall packages:

root@grizzly:/root(80)# g-cpan -h
Usage : g-cpan <Switch(es)> Module Name(s)

    Generate ebuilds only (Requires working overlays)

    Try to generate ebuild for the given module name
    and, if successful, emerge it. Important : installation
    requires exact CPAN Module Name.

    This command generates a list of the Perl modules and ebuilds
    handled by g-cpan.

    Log the output of g-cpan.

    Search CPAN for the given expression (similar to
    the "m /EXPR/" from the CPAN Shell). Searches are
    case insensitive.

    Try to list and upgrade all Perl modules managed by g-cpan.
    It generate up-to-date ebuilds, then emerge then.

    Enable (some) verbose output.

    Reload the CPAN index

Portage related options

    Ask before installing

    Tells  emerge to build binary packages for all ebuilds processed
    in addition to actually merging the packages.

    Creates  binary packages for all ebuilds processed without actu-
    ally merging the packages.

    Pretend (show actions, but don't emerge). This still generates
    new ebuilds.

I tried to remove all Best related files:

root@grizzly:/root(84)# rm /mnt/test3/var_grizzly/cache/edb/dep/var/lib/cpan/perl-gcpan/Best-0.14 /mnt/test3/var_grizzly/log/portage/elog/perl-gcpan:Best-* /usr/portage_grizzly/distfiles/Best-* /mnt/test3/var_grizzly/cache/edb/dep/var/lib/cpan/perl-gcpan/Best* /mnt/test3/var_grizzly/log/portage/elog/perl-gcpan:Best* /usr/portage_grizzly/distfiles/Best-0.14.tar.gz  /var/log/portage/elog/perl-gcpan:Best-* 

Often this is not enough to avoid, that the next 'g-cpan -u' still tries again to emerge "Best". Is there not a better way to get rid of g-cpan installed package.
Comment 1 Sergiy Borodych 2012-03-23 07:37:53 UTC

You can use perl-experimental overlay (
$ layman -a perl-experimental
This overlay contain this module (and more)

Also you can try fixed version of g-cpan (
Ebuild you can find here
and report how it works (would be very grateful)
for me it works fine
Comment 2 Sergiy Borodych 2015-01-05 20:32:53 UTC
The last versions (>0.16.5) should not be affected. Please test it.
Comment 3 Juergen Rose 2015-01-23 14:13:29 UTC
I just tried 'g-cpan -u', it fails with:

Writing MYMETA.yml and MYMETA.json
 * Ebuild already exists for Tk (dev-perl/perl-tk)
 * Tk-Gauge already up to date
 * Ebuild already exists for Module-Runtime (perl-gcpan/Module-Runtime)
 * Ebuild already exists for Data-OptList (perl-gcpan/Data-OptList)
 * Ebuild already exists for Sub-Identify (perl-gcpan/Sub-Identify)
 * Ebuild already exists for Test-NoWarnings (perl-gcpan/Test-NoWarnings)
Calculating dependencies -

[ Results for search key : CPAN-Meta-Check ]
[ Applications found : 2 ]

*  dev-perl/CPAN-Meta-Check
      Latest version available: 0.9.0-r1
      Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ]
      Size of files: 13 KiB
      Description:   Verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object
      License:       || ( Artistic GPL-1+ )

*  perl-gcpan/CPAN-Meta-Check
      Latest version available: 0.009
      Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ]
      Size of files: 13 KiB
      Description:   Verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object
      License:       || ( Artistic GPL-1 GPL-2 GPL-3 )

!!! The short ebuild name "CPAN-Meta-Check" is ambiguous. Please specify
!!! one of the above fully-qualified ebuild names instead.

... done!

The following perl-gcpan packages are installed:
root@lynx:/root(10)# qlist -Iv perl-gcpan
Comment 4 Sergiy Borodych 2015-01-23 21:05:30 UTC
Could you please provide more information.

$ qlist -Iv app-portage/g-cpan
$ g-cpan -l
$ g-cpan -uvp > log.txt 2>&1

and attach log.txt.
Comment 5 Juergen Rose 2015-01-24 16:06:57 UTC
root@lynx:/root(7)# qlist -Iv app-portage/g-cpan
[1]+  Done                    emacs -i $GEOMETRY $NO_DOS_CONV -name "$BASENAME" "$*"
root@lynx:/root(8)# g-cpan -l
 * OVERLAY: /usr/local/portage/perl-gcpan
 * OVERLAY: /var/lib/cpan/perl-gcpan
 * perl-gcpan/Chart-Graph
 * perl-gcpan/Module-Runtime-Conflicts
 * perl-gcpan/File-Find-Rule
 * perl-gcpan/Algorithm-ClusterPoints
 * perl-gcpan/Algorithm-Permute
 * perl-gcpan/Test-Tester
 * perl-gcpan/Class-Method-Modifiers
 * perl-gcpan/Tk-MinMaxScale
 * perl-gcpan/File-Find-Rule-Perl
 * perl-gcpan/Sub-Exporter-Progressive
 * perl-gcpan/Test-Warnings
 * perl-gcpan/Test-CleanNamespaces
 * perl-gcpan/Tk-FileDialog
 * perl-gcpan/CPAN-Meta-Check
 * perl-gcpan/Devel-GlobalDestruction
 * perl-gcpan/Algorithm-Cluster-Thresh
 * perl-gcpan/String-Random
 * perl-gcpan/Role-Tiny
 * perl-gcpan/Module-Build-Tiny
 * perl-gcpan/Package-Stash-XS
 * perl-gcpan/Task-Weaken
 * perl-gcpan/Tk-Gauge
 * perl-gcpan/PadWalker
 * perl-gcpan/Test-Requires
 * perl-gcpan/Test-Fatal
 * perl-gcpan/MRO-Compat
 * perl-gcpan/Algorithm-Cluster
 * perl-gcpan/Tk-LCD
 * perl-gcpan/Test-NoWarnings
 * perl-gcpan/Module-Implementation
 * perl-gcpan/ExtUtils-Config
 * perl-gcpan/Test-Deep
 * perl-gcpan/namespace-clean
 * perl-gcpan/Dist-CheckConflicts
 * perl-gcpan/LaTeX-Writer-Simple
 * perl-gcpan/Class-Load
 * perl-gcpan/Package-DeprecationManager
 * perl-gcpan/Math-Function-Roots
 * perl-gcpan/Devel-StackTrace
 * perl-gcpan/ExtUtils-Helpers
 * perl-gcpan/B-Hooks-EndOfScope
 * perl-gcpan/Module-Runtime
 * perl-gcpan/Variable-Magic
 * perl-gcpan/Try-Tiny
 * perl-gcpan/Number-Compare
 * perl-gcpan/Text-SimpleTable
 * perl-gcpan/ExtUtils-InstallPaths
 * perl-gcpan/Sub-Install
 * perl-gcpan/Exporter-Tiny
 * perl-gcpan/GD-Dashboard
 * perl-gcpan/List-MoreUtils
 * perl-gcpan/Text-Glob
 * perl-gcpan/Sub-Exporter
 * perl-gcpan/Graphics-GnuplotIF
 * perl-gcpan/Data-OptList
 * perl-gcpan/Params-Util
 * perl-gcpan/Sub-Identify
 * perl-gcpan/Tk-WaitBox
 * perl-gcpan/Term-Gnuplot
 * perl-gcpan/Package-Stash
Comment 6 Juergen Rose 2015-01-24 16:22:30 UTC
Created attachment 394774 [details]
Comment 7 MaryButler 2021-07-21 08:20:46 UTC
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