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Bug 623756

Summary: sci-mathematics/nusmv attempts to provide /usr/lib/libutil.a
Product: Gentoo Linux Reporter: Nathanaƫl Sensfelder <spamshield0>
Component: Current packagesAssignee: Robin Johnson <robbat2>
Severity: blocker CC: jstein, sci-mathematics, treecleaner
Priority: Normal Keywords: PMASKED
Version: unspecified   
Hardware: All   
OS: Linux   
Package list:
Runtime testing required: ---

Description Nathanaƫl Sensfelder 2017-07-04 07:29:53 UTC

I am trying to merge NuSMV, but, after successfully building it, Portage prevents the installation, warning me about a file collision:

 * Messages for package sci-mathematics/nusmv-2.6.0:

 * This package will overwrite one or more files that may belong to other
 * packages (see list below). You can use a command such as `portageq
 * owners / <filename>` to identify the installed package that owns a
 * file. If portageq reports that only one package owns a file then do
 * NOT file a bug report. A bug report is only useful if it identifies at
 * least two or more packages that are known to install the same file(s).
 * If a collision occurs and you can not explain where the file came from
 * then you should simply ignore the collision since there is not enough
 * information to determine if a real problem exists. Please do NOT file
 * a bug report at unless you report exactly
 * which two packages install the same file(s). See
 * for tips on how
 * to solve the problem. And once again, please do NOT file a bug report
 * unless you have completely understood the above message.
 * Detected file collision(s):
 *    /usr/lib/libutil.a
 * Searching all installed packages for file collisions...
 * Press Ctrl-C to Stop
 * sys-libs/glibc-2.23-r4:2.2::gentoo
 *    /usr/lib64/libutil.a
 * Package 'sci-mathematics/nusmv-2.6.0' NOT merged due to file
 * collisions. If necessary, refer to your elog messages for the whole
 * content of the above message.

That message is kind of aggressive about not posting bug reports, so I first made a topic to assert whether this is worthy of a bug report or not. I was told it is.

I am somewhat confused about the message itself. From what I understand, "portageq owners / <filename>" will only search for ownership amongst currently installed packages. So yes, I guess if there are multiple ones, something went horribly wrong. But since Portage is doing its work properly, the second package is not being installed, meaning that it won't show up in portageq.

Note that "/usr/lib" is a symbolic link to "/usr/lib64".

Still, I don't think "sci-mathematics/nusmv" is supposed to be the one providing "libutil.a" as, from what I understand, this would mean that NuSMV and glibc are mutually exclusive.

Here are my USE flags for glibc:
* Found these USE flags for sys-libs/glibc-2.23-r4:
 U I
 - - audit     : Enable support for Linux audit subsystem using sys-process/audit
 - - caps      : Use Linux capabilities library to control privilege
 - - debug     : When USE=hardened, allow fortify/stack violations to dump core (SIGABRT) and
                 not kill self (SIGKILL)
 - - gd        : build memusage and memusagestat tools
 - - nscd      : Build, and enable support for, the Name Service Cache Daemon
 - - profile   : Add support for software performance analysis (will likely vary from ebuild
                 to ebuild)
 + + rpc       : Enable obsolete RPC/NIS layers (disabling is experimental -- see bug 381391)
 - - suid      : Make internal pt_chown helper setuid -- not needed if using Linux and have
                 /dev/pts mounted with gid=5
 - - systemtap : enable systemtap static probe points
 - - vanilla   : Do not add extra patches which change default behaviour; DO NOT USE THIS ON A
                 GLOBAL SCALE as the severity of the meaning changes drastically

And those for NuSMV:
 * Found these USE flags for sci-mathematics/nusmv-2.6.0:
 U I
 - - doc     : Add extra documentation (API, Javadoc, etc). It is recommended to enable per
               package instead of globally
 + - minisat : Enable support for MiniSat
 - - zchaff  : Enable support for zChaff

Searches for "libutil.a" in the bugzilla returned zarro boogs, and the bugzilla's page on NuSMV does not seem to contain any reference to a similar bug.
Comment 1 Fedja Beader 2017-12-21 21:02:55 UTC
Hit this bug as well.

INSTALL_MASK=/usr/lib/libutil.a emerge .. nusmv "fixes" it (it works normally afterwards). See related discussions on Arch Linux AUR and other sites.
Comment 2 Larry the Git Cow gentoo-dev 2019-12-07 23:50:28 UTC
The bug has been referenced in the following commit(s):

commit 22666562349d00d8680b3bce5334ec3ac1032f83
Author:     David Seifert <>
AuthorDate: 2019-12-07 23:49:14 +0000
Commit:     David Seifert <>
CommitDate: 2019-12-07 23:49:14 +0000

    profiles: Mask sci-mathematics/nusmv for removal
    Signed-off-by: David Seifert <>

 profiles/package.mask | 6 ++++++
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)