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Bug 586884

Summary: sys-fs/xfsprogs-4.5.0: xfs_growfs: symbol lookup error: /lib64/ undefined symbol: uuid_compare
Product: Gentoo Linux Reporter: Marcin Mirosław <bug>
Component: Current packagesAssignee: Gentoo's Team for Core System packages <base-system>
Status: UNCONFIRMED ---    
Severity: normal CC: esigra, hydrapolic, sam
Priority: Normal    
Version: unspecified   
Hardware: All   
OS: Linux   
Package list:
Runtime testing required: ---
Bug Depends on:    
Bug Blocks: 269315    
Attachments: build.log

Description Marcin Mirosław 2016-06-24 09:03:19 UTC
# xfs_growfs /dev/ogolny/rrd
xfs_growfs: symbol lookup error: /lib64/ undefined symbol: uuid_compare

Reproducible: Always

# emerge --info
Portage 2.2.28 (python 3.4.3-final-0, hardened/linux/amd64/no-multilib, gcc-4.9.3, glibc-2.22-r4, 4.5.7-hardened-r3 x86_64)
System uname: Linux-4.5.7-hardened-r3-x86_64-Intel-R-_Xeon-R-_CPU_E5-2630_v2_@_2.60GHz-with-gentoo-2.2
KiB Mem:     1018544 total,     36720 free
KiB Swap:     819196 total,    613684 free
Timestamp of repository gentoo: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 10:30:01 +0000
sh bash 4.3_p42-r1
ld GNU gold (Gentoo 2.25.1 p1.1 2.25.1) 1.11
ccache version 3.2.4 [enabled]
app-shells/bash:          4.3_p42-r1::gentoo
dev-lang/perl:            5.20.2::gentoo
dev-lang/python:          2.7.10-r1::gentoo, 3.4.3-r1::gentoo
dev-util/ccache:          3.2.4::gentoo
dev-util/cmake:           3.3.1-r1::gentoo
dev-util/pkgconfig:       0.28-r2::gentoo
sys-apps/baselayout:      2.2::gentoo
sys-apps/openrc:          0.19.1::gentoo
sys-apps/sandbox:         2.10-r1::gentoo
sys-devel/autoconf:       2.13::gentoo, 2.69::gentoo
sys-devel/automake:       1.13.4::gentoo, 1.14.1::gentoo, 1.15::gentoo
sys-devel/binutils:       2.25.1-r1::gentoo
sys-devel/gcc:            4.9.3::gentoo
sys-devel/gcc-config:     1.7.3::gentoo
sys-devel/libtool:        2.4.6::gentoo
sys-devel/make:           4.1-r1::gentoo
sys-kernel/linux-headers: 4.3::gentoo (virtual/os-headers)
sys-libs/glibc:           2.22-r4::gentoo

    location: /usr/portage
    sync-type: rsync
    sync-uri: rsync://
    priority: -1000
    sync-rsync-extra-opts: -O

Installed sets: @masscheck, @nagios-plugins
CFLAGS="-O2 -pipe -march=corei7 -mtune=native    -fno-unwind-tables -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables -fuse-linker-plugin -s    -ftracer    -fuse-ld=bfd -fvar-tracking-assignments"
CONFIG_PROTECT="/etc /usr/share/easy-rsa /usr/share/gnupg/qualified.txt /var/bind"
CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK="/etc/ca-certificates.conf /etc/env.d /etc/fonts/fonts.conf /etc/gconf /etc/gentoo-release /etc/php/apache2-php7.0/ext-active/ /etc/php/cgi-php7.0/ext-active/ /etc/php/cli-php7.0/ext-active/ /etc/revdep-rebuild /etc/sandbox.d /etc/terminfo"
CXXFLAGS="-O2 -pipe -march=corei7 -mtune=native    -fno-unwind-tables -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables -fuse-linker-plugin -s    -ftracer    -fuse-ld=bfd -fvar-tracking-assignments"
FCFLAGS="-O2 -pipe -march=corei7 -mtune=native    -fno-unwind-tables -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables -fuse-linker-plugin -s    -ftracer    -fuse-ld=bfd -fvar-tracking-assignments"
FEATURES="assume-digests binpkg-logs ccache cgroup collision-protect compressdebug config-protect-if-modified distlocks ebuild-locks fixlafiles news parallel-fetch parallel-install preserve-libs protect-owned sandbox sfperms splitdebug strict unmerge-logs unmerge-orphans userfetch userpriv usersandbox usersync xattr"
FFLAGS="-O2 -pipe -march=corei7 -mtune=native    -fno-unwind-tables -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables -fuse-linker-plugin -s    -ftracer    -fuse-ld=bfd -fvar-tracking-assignments"
LDFLAGS="-Wl,-O1 -Wl,--as-needed -Wl,--sort-common"
PORTAGE_RSYNC_OPTS="--recursive --links --safe-links --perms --times --omit-dir-times --compress --force --whole-file --delete --stats --human-readable --timeout=180 --exclude=/distfiles --exclude=/local --exclude=/packages --exclude=/.git"
USE="acl aio amd64 apache2 bash-completion bzip2 caps cli cracklib crypt cxx dri hardened iconv idn ipv6 justify lto mmx mmxext modules nano-syntax ncurses nls nptl openmp pax_kernel pcre pie readline seccomp session smp sse sse2 ssl ssp threads unicode urandom vhosts vim-syntax xattr xtpax zlib" ABI_X86="64" APACHE2_MODULES="alias auth_basic authn_alias authn_anon auth_digest authn_dbm authn_default authn_file authz_dbm authz_default authz_groupfile authz_host authz_owner authz_user autoindex cgi dav dav_fs dav_lock dir env expires ext_filter filter headers include info log_config logio mime mime_magic negotiation rewrite setenvif status unique_id usertrack vhost_alias" APACHE2_MPMS="itk" CALLIGRA_FEATURES="kexi words flow plan sheets stage tables krita karbon braindump author" COLLECTD_PLUGINS="apache aggregation bind cgroups conntrack contextswitch cpu curl curl_json df disk dns email entropy ethstat exec filecount interface iptables irq lvm match_regex mysql netlink load memory network nginx notify_email ntpd openvpn ping postgresql processes protocols rrdcached rrdtool snmp statsd swap syslog tail tail_csv tcpconns unixsock uptime vmem" CPU_FLAGS_X86="mmx mmxext sse sse2 sse3 sse4 sse4.1 ssse3" ELIBC="glibc" KERNEL="linux" LIBREOFFICE_EXTENSIONS="presenter-console presenter-minimizer" LINGUAS="en" NGINX_MODULES_HTTP="access browser charset gzip map limit_zone proxy rewrite spdy stub_status gzip_static" OFFICE_IMPLEMENTATION="libreoffice" PHP_TARGETS="php5-6" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python2_7" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_4" USERLAND="GNU" XTABLES_ADDONS="fuzzy geoip lscan psd sysrq tarpit"
Comment 1 SpanKY gentoo-dev 2016-06-24 20:00:59 UTC
you need to attach full build logs in all of your bug reports
Comment 2 Marcin Mirosław 2016-06-25 09:28:13 UTC
Created attachment 438728 [details]
Comment 3 Marcin Mirosław 2016-06-28 08:59:47 UTC
(In reply to SpanKY from comment #1)
> you need to attach full build logs in all of your bug reports

BTW, something changed in the way how bug should be reported? Usually build.log was needed when there is build error.
Comment 4 SpanKY gentoo-dev 2016-06-28 13:03:19 UTC
(In reply to Marcin Mirosław from comment #3)

it is often needed for runtime errors too because they're a direct result of how things were built
Comment 5 Marcin Mirosław 2016-07-04 11:39:20 UTC
xfs_growfs from xfsprogs-4.3.0 works correctly, should I attach build.log from 4.3.0?
Comment 6 Marcin Mirosław 2016-07-04 11:56:13 UTC
I don't understand what is going on.
I downgraded xfs-progs to 4.3.0 - xfs_growfs run without problem
- upgraded to 4.5.0 - xfs_growfs run without problem
- so I removed xfsprogs from system and remerged - xfs_growfs still works.

Attached build.log comes from different build than first build, so probably isn't usefull.
Comment 7 SpanKY gentoo-dev 2016-07-04 12:36:08 UTC
(In reply to Marcin Mirosław from comment #6)

having the build.log from the fail and from the pass would be helpful
Comment 8 Marcin Mirosław 2016-07-04 12:47:41 UTC
I don't know yet how to build not working binary xfs_growfs.
Comment 9 MT 2017-01-09 11:57:33 UTC
I got the same error from sys-fs/xfsprogs-4.9.0:

    [CC]     sync_file_range.o
    [CC]     readdir.o
    [CC]     dir2sf.o
    [LD]     xfs_io
    [CC]     dquot.o
/var/tmp/portage/sys-fs/xfsprogs-4.9.0/work/xfsprogs-4.9.0/libxfs/.libs/ error: undefined reference to 'uuid_compare'
/var/tmp/portage/sys-fs/xfsprogs-4.9.0/work/xfsprogs-4.9.0/libxfs/.libs/ error: undefined reference to 'uuid_copy'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
../include/buildrules:45: recipe for target 'xfs_io' failed
gmake[2]: *** [xfs_io] Error 1
include/buildrules:35: recipe for target 'io' failed
gmake[1]: *** [io] Error 2
gmake[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

The linking issue is the result of the linker; indeed, switching to the standard ld.bfd fixed the problem for me: 

$ binutils-config --linker ld.bfd

If confirmed, this bug report should be added as a blocker to #269315.