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Bug 394425

Summary: sci-biology/emboss: shrink down number of libs used by binaries
Product: Gentoo Linux Reporter: Martin Mokrejš <mmokrejs>
Component: Current packagesAssignee: Gentoo Science Biology related packages <sci-biology>
Severity: normal    
Priority: Normal    
Version: unspecified   
Hardware: All   
OS: Linux   
Package list:
Runtime testing required: ---

Description Martin Mokrejš 2011-12-12 10:07:25 UTC
For some reason emboss binaries use too any shared libs on my system (~amd64). For example, water is in my eyes a simple command-line drive tool with text-based output and I don't see a reason why it should need libjpeg, QT-Svg and many other libs. Something is broken.

# emerge -pv emboss

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies... done!
[ebuild   R    ] sci-biology/emboss-6.3.1_p4-r1  USE="X mysql png static-libs -minimal -pdf -postgres" 0 kB [1]

# ldd /usr/bin/water =>  (0x00007fff8f1ff000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320e6e5000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320e489000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320e26d000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320e047000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320dd65000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320d99c000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320d6fd000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320d4f0000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320d1da000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320cfaf000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320cda6000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320cb8a000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320c848000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320c634000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320c425000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320c1f7000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320bfaa000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320bd58000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320bb54000) => /lib64/ (0x00007f320b950000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320b74b000) => /lib64/ (0x00007f320b52e000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320b213000) => /lib64/ (0x00007f320b00a000) => /usr/lib64/qt4/ (0x00007f320adb1000) => /usr/lib64/qt4/ (0x00007f320a129000) => /usr/lib64/qt4/ (0x00007f3209ee4000) => /usr/lib64/qt4/ (0x00007f3209a4c000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3209844000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320963c000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3209436000) => /lib64/ (0x00007f32091fa000) => /lib64/ (0x00007f3208e6e000) => /lib64/ (0x00007f3208beb000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f32089c2000) => /usr/lib64/mysql/ (0x00007f320863d000) => /lib64/ (0x00007f3208426000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f32081df000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3207f4d000) => /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/4.5.2/ (0x00007f3207c4b000) => /lib64/ (0x00007f3207a35000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3207802000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320758c000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320737a000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320716f000) => //usr/lib64/opengl/xorg-x11/lib/ (0x00007f3206ef0000) => /lib64/ (0x00007f3206ceb000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3206acc000)
        /lib64/ (0x00007f320e97b000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320689e000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3206695000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3206438000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3206087000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3205e4c000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3205c49000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3205a42000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320583c000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f320563a000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3205423000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3205217000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3205013000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f3204e0d000)
Comment 1 Justin Lecher (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2011-12-13 14:32:16 UTC
That is crazy. :(
I will see what I can do.
Comment 2 Justin Lecher (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2011-12-29 18:12:20 UTC
I took a close look into the buildsystem and there is no easy way to sort this out. In fact the buildsystem is not very advanced. Please report this upstream or provide a patch.
Comment 3 Martin Mokrejš 2012-02-29 11:13:44 UTC
This does not happen to me with:

[ebuild   R    ] sci-biology/emboss-6.0.1  USE="X png -minimal" 0 kB
Comment 4 Martin Mokrejš 2013-09-11 20:37:58 UTC
Have just committed some improvements to sci overlay emboss-6.3.1_p4-r2. Did not fidlle with the never version there. I would first like to get fixed the the 6.3.1 because it is close to current stable and fear never version will have new bugs.

Would somebody please polish the patches I wrote? Patching Makefile directly and is definitely not correct, I know. Just take it as a hint what to look for. Ugly code deserves harsh treatment. ;-)
Comment 5 Martin Mokrejš 2013-09-13 10:50:34 UTC