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Bug 155930

Summary: net-www/mod_ftpd-0.13.0 fails to compile if apr and apr-util is compiled with --as-needed
Product: Gentoo Linux Reporter: smrspam88
Component: New packagesAssignee: Apache Team - Bugzilla Reports <apache-bugs>
Severity: normal CC: flameeyes
Priority: High    
Version: 2006.1   
Hardware: x86   
OS: Linux   
Package list:
Runtime testing required: ---
Bug Depends on:    
Bug Blocks: 129413    
Attachments: the whole emerge mod_ftpd output

Description smrspam88 2006-11-22 03:39:03 UTC
mod_ftpd fails to compile. 

The error message is:
Making all in providers/default
make[1]: Entering directory `/var/tmp/portage/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/work/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/providers/default'
Makefile:98: .deps: No such file or directory
/usr/share/apr-0/build/libtool --silent --mode=compile i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc -prefer-pic -march=prescott -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -DAP_HAVE_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER -DLINUX=2 -D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -pthread -I/usr/include/apache2  -I/usr/include/apr-0   -I/usr/include/apr-0  -Wall -Werror -fno-strict-aliasing -I../.. -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -c -o mod_ftpd_default.lo mod_ftpd_default.c && touch mod_ftpd_default.slo
cc1: warnings being treated as errors
ftp_protocol.c: In function 'ftpd_handler_list':
ftp_protocol.c:1015: warning: format '%8lld' expects type 'long long int', but argument 6 has type 'apr_off_t'
ftp_protocol.c: In function 'ftpd_handler_size':
ftp_protocol.c:1190: warning: format '%lld' expects type 'long long int', but argument 3 has type 'apr_off_t'
apxs:Error: Command failed with rc=65536
make: *** [] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
/usr/share/apr-0/build/libtool --silent --mode=link i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc -o  -rpath /usr/lib/apache2/modules -module -avoid-version    mod_ftpd_default.lo
make[1]: Leaving directory `/var/tmp/portage/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/work/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/providers/default'
Making all in providers/fail
make[1]: Entering directory `/var/tmp/portage/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/work/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/providers/fail'
Makefile:98: .deps: No such file or directory
/usr/share/apr-0/build/libtool --silent --mode=compile i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc -prefer-pic -march=prescott -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -DAP_HAVE_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER -DLINUX=2 -D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -pthread -I/usr/include/apache2  -I/usr/include/apr-0   -I/usr/include/apr-0  -Wall -Werror -fno-strict-aliasing -I../.. -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -c -o mod_ftpd_fail.lo mod_ftpd_fail.c && touch mod_ftpd_fail.slo
/usr/share/apr-0/build/libtool --silent --mode=link i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc -o  -rpath /usr/lib/apache2/modules -module -avoid-version    mod_ftpd_fail.lo
make[1]: Leaving directory `/var/tmp/portage/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/work/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/providers/fail'
Making all in docs
make[1]: Entering directory `/var/tmp/portage/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/work/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/docs'
Making all in rfc
make[2]: Entering directory `/var/tmp/portage/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/work/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/docs/rfc'
make[2]: Leaving directory `/var/tmp/portage/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/work/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/docs/rfc'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/var/tmp/portage/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/work/mod_ftpd-0.13.0/docs'

Actually there is more output which could be relevant, but it is so long that I made an attachement.

My emerge --info (compiling even fails with all CFLAGS and LDFLAGS disabled):
Riemann ungeordnet # emerge --info
Portage 2.1.1-r2 (default-linux/x86/2006.1/desktop, gcc-4.1.1, glibc-2.4-r4, i686)
System uname: i686 Genuine Intel(R) CPU           T2300  @ 1.66GHz
Gentoo Base System version 1.12.6
Last Sync: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 11:00:02 +0000
distcc 2.18.3 i686-pc-linux-gnu (protocols 1 and 2) (default port 3632) [disabled]
ccache version 2.3 [enabled]
app-admin/eselect-compiler: [Not Present]
dev-java/java-config: 1.3.7, 2.0.30
dev-lang/python:     2.4.3-r4
dev-python/pycrypto: 2.0.1-r5
dev-util/ccache:     2.3
dev-util/confcache:  [Not Present]
sys-apps/sandbox:    1.2.17
sys-devel/autoconf:  2.13, 2.60
sys-devel/automake:  1.4_p6, 1.5, 1.6.3, 1.7.9-r1, 1.8.5-r3, 1.9.6-r2
sys-devel/binutils:  2.16.1-r3
sys-devel/gcc-config: 1.3.13-r4
sys-devel/libtool:   1.5.22
virtual/os-headers:  2.6.17-r1
CFLAGS="-march=prescott -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer"
CONFIG_PROTECT="/etc /usr/kde/3.5/env /usr/kde/3.5/share/config /usr/kde/3.5/shutdown /usr/share/X11/xkb /usr/share/config /usr/share/texmf/dvipdfm/config/ /usr/share/texmf/dvips/config/ /usr/share/texmf/tex/generic/config/ /usr/share/texmf/tex/platex/config/ /usr/share/texmf/xdvi/"
CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK="/etc/env.d /etc/env.d/java/ /etc/gconf /etc/java-config/vms/ /etc/revdep-rebuild /etc/terminfo"
CXXFLAGS="-march=prescott -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -fvisibility-inlines-hidden"
FEATURES="autoconfig ccache distlocks metadata-transfer parallel-fetch sandbox sfperms strict"
LDFLAGS="-Wl,-O1 -Wl,--as-needed -Wl,--sort-common"
PORTAGE_RSYNC_OPTS="--recursive --links --safe-links --perms --times --compress --force --whole-file --delete --delete-after --stats --timeout=180 --exclude='/distfiles' --exclude='/local' --exclude='/packages'"
USE="x86 elibc_glibc input_devices_evdev input_devices_keyboard input_devices_mouse input_devices_synaptics kernel_linux minimal mmx nls pic sse sse2 truetype unicode userland_GNU video_cards_i810"

Thanks a lot,
Comment 1 smrspam88 2006-11-22 03:40:21 UTC
Created attachment 102527 [details]
the whole emerge mod_ftpd output
Comment 2 Bryan Østergaard (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2007-01-07 17:35:40 UTC
Is this still a problem? And which version of apr and apr-util do you have installed?
Comment 3 smrspam88 2007-01-07 18:07:47 UTC
Yes, the problem still exists:

[ebuild   R   ] dev-libs/apr-0.9.12  USE="-ipv6 -urandom" 1,024 kB
[ebuild   R   ] dev-libs/apr-util-0.9.12  USE="-berkdb -gdbm -ldap" 578 kB
Comment 4 Christian Heim (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2007-01-21 13:48:38 UTC
(In reply to comment #3)
> Yes, the problem still exists:
> [ebuild   R   ] dev-libs/apr-0.9.12  USE="-ipv6 -urandom" 1,024 kB
> [ebuild   R   ] dev-libs/apr-util-0.9.12  USE="-berkdb -gdbm -ldap" 578 kB

I'm unable to reproduce this ...

 emerge -qpv apr apr-util apache gcc binutils
[ebuild   R   ] dev-libs/apr-0.9.12  USE="ipv6 -urandom"
[ebuild   R   ] dev-libs/apr-util-0.9.12  USE="berkdb gdbm -ldap"
[ebuild   R   ] net-www/apache-2.0.59-r2  USE="ssl -debug -doc -ldap -mpm-event -mpm-peruser -mpm-prefork -mpm-worker -no-suexec (-selinux) -static-modules -threads"
[ebuild   R   ] sys-devel/gcc-4.1.1-r3  USE="fortran (-altivec) -bootstrap -build -doc -gcj -gtk (-hardened) -ip28 -ip32r10k -mudflap (-multilib) -multislot (-n32) (-n64) -nls -nocxx -objc -objc++ -objc-gc -test -vanilla"
[ebuild   R   ] sys-devel/binutils-2.16.1-r3  USE="-multislot -multitarget -nls -test -vanilla"
Comment 5 smrspam88 2007-01-23 22:01:15 UTC
Okay, I now tracked the problem down to another --as-needed bug...

If I compile apr and apr-util with LDFLAGS="", mod_ftpd compiles clean and shiny. I therefore change the subject of this bug and added flameeyes as CC, as I think he is capable of fixing --as-needed stuff (although I admit that this really is a minor bug now).

Thanks for the help... and btw mod_ftpd has been updated to 0.13.1, but I'll file another bug for that as that is not related to this one.
Comment 6 Diego Elio Pettenò (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2007-01-28 19:11:01 UTC
You're running a binutils version that does not properly support --as-needed:

sys-devel/binutils:  2.16.1-r3

Please try again with 2.17, and report back if it's still an issue.
Comment 7 smrspam88 2007-01-28 21:04:12 UTC
This bug has already been resolved, even for binutils-2.16 (wrt to #163499). thanks anyway.