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Bug 100588

Summary: Proposed ebuild for Mathematica-
Product: Gentoo Linux Reporter: Daniel Hancock <dw_hancock3>
Component: Current packagesAssignee: Default Assignee for New Packages <maintainer-wanted>
Severity: enhancement CC: fox2mike, sci
Priority: High Keywords: EBUILD
Version: unspecified   
Hardware: All   
OS: Linux   
Package list:
Runtime testing required: ---
Bug Depends on:    
Bug Blocks: 103615    
Attachments: mathematica-
Mathematica 5.0 Front End command file
Mathematica 5.0 Kernel command file
MathLink compiler command file
Mathematica 5.0 Front End command file
Mathematica 5.0 Kernel command file
MathLink compiler command file

Description Daniel Hancock 2005-07-28 06:29:24 UTC
Hot on the tail of bug 100584 comes Mathematica- This package will 
bring out the fucking wood in any maths nerd. 
Which dev is going to take RMS's flaccid prick out of their arse and commit 
Comment 1 Daniel Hancock 2005-07-28 06:29:56 UTC
Created attachment 64529 [details]
Comment 2 Daniel Hancock 2005-07-28 06:30:34 UTC
Created attachment 64530 [details]
Mathematica 5.0 Front End command file
Comment 3 Daniel Hancock 2005-07-28 06:31:19 UTC
Created attachment 64531 [details]
Mathematica 5.0 Kernel command file
Comment 4 Daniel Hancock 2005-07-28 06:31:43 UTC
Created attachment 64532 [details]
MathLink compiler command file
Comment 5 Stuart Longland (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-07-28 18:08:26 UTC
Dear Daniel,

Looking at your past few bugs[1], it's very apparent that your fort
Comment 6 Stuart Longland (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-07-28 18:08:26 UTC
Dear Daniel,

Looking at your past few bugs[1], it's very apparent that your forté is
mathematics, and not English.  In fact, your English has been so poor lately, it
would be enough to make sailors blush.

I might remind you, that this whole organisation, is run by volunteers, who do
not have to, nor wish to, take your constant abuse.  Developers have been
suspended for less... and you're headded for banishment from the community... as
we're simply not interested in your petty antics.  We are not your slaves, and
we do have Real Life to get on with, thus Gentoo often plays second fiddle to
our work/university study/etc.

I'd suggest, either sticking to a language you know, and getting someone to
translate to proper English... or perhaps learn some proper English yourself.

Now, regarding your ebuilds... I take it Mathematica is a binary-only package? 
In which case, it belongs in /opt/mathematica... not /usr.  So I'd also suggest
you have a closer read of the fine developer manual[2].  Incidentally, that same
manual also mentions etequitte guidelines... which are a strongly recommended
read too.

In the meantime, I'll mark your ebuild obsolete, as it is broken.  When you have
fixed your ebuild, you may attach it here, accompanied by a well-constructed
comment.  Otherwise, feel free to send your abuse to /dev/null -- I don't want
to hear it... and nor does anybody else.

1. See bug numbers: #42610 #97439, #99502, #100577, #100584, #100640
2. especially ...
it's just as applicable to users as it is to devs.
Comment 7 Stuart Longland (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-07-28 18:09:50 UTC
Comment on attachment 64529 [details]

Marking ebuild as obsolete, as promised.
Comment 8 Ciaran McCreesh 2005-08-18 15:57:09 UTC
Please fix the following and reopen:

* Use versionator rather than manual bash substitution.
* DEPEND but no RDEPEND upon x11? If this is really correct, include a comment
explaining why.
* ${WORKDIR}, ${FILESDIR}, ${D} need quoting.
* You need either a nofetch explanation telling the user where to find the
SRC_URI components or a full SRC_URI.
* Move the tar things to src_unpack, and either fix your tar invokation or use
Comment 9 Daniel Hancock 2005-08-24 02:57:33 UTC
I've cleaned up this fucking ebuild. Comments from COMPETENT devs (not whiny 
cocksuckers) welcome. Thanks. 
Comment 10 Daniel Hancock 2005-08-24 03:51:09 UTC
Created attachment 66730 [details]
Comment 11 Daniel Hancock 2005-08-24 03:53:03 UTC
Created attachment 66731 [details]
Mathematica 5.0 Front End command file
Comment 12 Daniel Hancock 2005-08-24 03:54:04 UTC
Created attachment 66732 [details]
Mathematica 5.0 Kernel command file
Comment 13 Daniel Hancock 2005-08-24 03:55:11 UTC
Created attachment 66733 [details]
MathLink compiler command file
Comment 14 Stuart Longland (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-08-25 07:32:08 UTC
Comment on attachment 66730 [details]

What did I say about installing binary stuff in /usr?

/opt is where it belongs.

Also, clean up your language, you've been told before.
Comment 15 Stuart Longland (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-08-25 07:45:54 UTC
Created attachment 66866 [details, diff]
Comment 16 Stuart Longland (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-08-25 07:53:52 UTC
Comment on attachment 66866 [details, diff]

Whoopsie, that didn't belong here?!
Comment 17 Daniel Hancock 2005-08-26 17:38:31 UTC
Fuck sakes! Stuart Longland, did you even read the fucking ebuild? What is  
going into /usr/bin? The same fucking stuff that the binary OpenOffice package  
puts in /usr/bin - wrapper scripts! All the damn binaries are in /opt/${PN}  
I tell ya, finding a competent Gentoo dev is harder than a priest in a 
playground. Stuart stick to what you fucking know - misplaced diffs and 
erroneous spelling (what the fuck is "etequitte" - a French whore perhaps?) At 
least Ciaran McCreesh provided competent advice! 
Comment 18 Stuart Longland (RETIRED) gentoo-dev 2005-08-26 18:19:58 UTC
Why not just set PATH?  No wrapper scripts needed. :-)

In any case, I don't like your attitude.  This will be my last comment on this
issue.  Clearly you don't know how to act in a professional manner, and
therefore I'm no longer interested in dealing with you.

Good luck getting that ebuild pushed through with that attitude, as I'm not alone.