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Gentoo Linux (bug list)
1 333531 [TRACKER] portage migration to git (Show Votes)
1 413621 sys-apps/coreutils-8.15 - src_test(): errors setting up rm/deep-2 and du/long-from-unreadable (Show Votes)
1 439574 sys-apps/coreutils: tests set low VM limit (ulimit) which crashes due to higher memory usage w/sandbox active (Show Votes)
1 442176 games-util/steam-launcher - New package - Installer for Valve's Steam client for Linux (Show Votes)
1 475324 games-board/aisleriot version bump (Show Votes)
1 569064 sys-devel/automake-1.15-r1 and sys-devel/gcc[gcj]: test t/ fails (Show Votes)
1 570874 >=dev-util/strace-4.11 fails tests execve-v.test, execve.test, readlink.test, umovestr2.test, and utime.test (Show Votes)
1 574740 sys-apps/texinfo-6.5 fails test_scripts/ (Show Votes)
1 583916 media-gfx/gimp: fails tests test-save-and-export test-ui test-single-window-mode test-tools (Show Votes)
1 584144 >=sys-devel/autoconf-2.59 fails test 501: Libtool (Show Votes)
1 596382 =media-libs/gstreamer-1.8.3 fails tests gst/gstsystemclock and pipelines/parse-launch (system clock-related?) (Show Votes)
1 598806 sys-apps/sandbox: More issues with long paths (was: app-arch/libarchive-3.2.2) (Show Votes)
1 616680 app-editors/vim-8.0.0386 test suite enters infinite loop due to circular symlinks (Show Votes)
1 619180 [TRACKER] gnome-base/gnome-desktop:2 removal (Show Votes)
1 622502 sci-geosciences/josm-99999 (rev 12426): error: package com.sun.javafx.application does not exist (Show Votes)
1 629664 dev-libs/apr-util-1.6.0 : Programs failed: testall (Show Votes)
1 655410 >=dev-util/scons-3.0.1-r2 - some tests fail (Show Votes)
1 656776 sys-devel/bison-3.0.5 : [TEST] Can t open tests/testsuite.tmp: No such file or directory. (Show Votes)
1 658286 <dev-lang/perl-5.30.0 fails GDBM_File tests with sys-libs/gdbm-1.15 (Show Votes)
1 666918 media-libs/fontconfig-2.13.1-r2 fails test check-missing-doc (Show Votes)
1 681036 >=www-client/firefox-66.0-r1 fails to compile on arm with: ../js/src/wasm/WasmSignalHandlers.cpp:520:19: error: field 'ufp' has incomplete type 'user_vfp' (Show Votes)
1 682224 dev-perl/IO-Socket-SSL-2.66.0 stabilization (Show Votes)
22 votes used out of 50 allowed.

Portage Development (bug list)
1 548250 sys-apps/sandbox: path-handling on paths >= 4096 bytes fails (Show Votes)
1 574130 Misleading error message "Repoman: Need user access" (Show Votes)
1 674028 >=sys-apps/portage-2.3.53: test suite spawns 1000+ processes then dies OOM (Show Votes)
3 votes used out of 10 allowed.

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