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Votes Bug # Summary
Gentoo Linux (bug list)
1 172183 extension ebuilds for games-fps/eduke32 (Show Votes)
1 195611 games-???/gbrainy-1.40 (new ebuild) (Show Votes)
1 250487 [ebuild request] games-action/yo-frankie (Show Votes)
1 301349 new ebuild: media-sound/deadbeef (Show Votes)
1 307611 kde-base/mplayerthumbs-4.4.5 and media-video/kffmpegthumbnailer are keeping device busy while umount (Show Votes)
1 333531 [TRACKER] portage migration to git (Show Votes)
1 357641 New package: games-puzzle/spacechem-demo (Show Votes)
1 357643 New package: games-puzzle/spacechem (Show Votes)
1 388585 www-client/firefox-7.0.1-r1 fails to build (with USE=pgo?) (Show Votes)
1 442176 games-util/steam-launcher - New package - Installer for Valve's Steam client for Linux (Show Votes)
1 461870 dev-db/rethinkdb - An open-source distributed [database] system (Show Votes)
1 461954 GCC 4.8 porting (Show Votes)
1 472746 [TRACKER] Old, interesting, conceptual, abstract and unimplemented ideas and feature requests. (Show Votes)
1 476490 [tracker] Packages failing with =media-video/ffmpeg-2* (Show Votes)
1 505124 app-emulation/vagrant-1.8.1 version bump (Show Votes)
1 506200 dev-lang/fsharp-3.1.0 should depend on >=dev-lang/mono-3 (Show Votes)
16 votes used out of 50 allowed.

Gentoo Release Media (bug list)
1 77695 Suggestion: Please add support for loop-aes (loop and cipher modules, util-linux, initrd) (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 5 allowed.

Portage Development (bug list)
1 53058 app-portage/gentoolkit - Please add GraphViz output to equery depgraph. (Show Votes)
1 56407 portage ought to add /sbin /usr/sbin/ to PATH when the user is sudo'ing (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 10 allowed.

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