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7 day(s)
Component Severity Priority Target Milestone Summary
133908 2 0 .tbz2 support normal High --- collisions in $PKGDIR/All
135834 2 0 .tbz2 support minor High --- emerge --usepkg doesn't use a binary package unless it has a matching ebuild in the tree
142579 5 0 .tbz2 support enhancement High --- portage binary packages, option to use gzip or xz instead of bzip2
150031 3 0 .tbz2 support enhancement High --- Add ability to store/distribute different binpkgs built from the same ebuild in a package repository
151146 6 0 .tbz2 support critical Highest --- app-arch/tar-1.15.92 produces b0rked binpkgs
164655 2 0 .tbz2 support critical High --- quickpkg wrongly excludes symlinks to directories
303211 2 0 .tbz2 support major High --- portage- crashed getbinpkg, verify digest failed
524038 2 0 .tbz2 support normal Normal --- sys-apps/portage-2.2.14_rc1: glibc binpkg fails in pkg_setup and error message does not show in the build log (elog works correctly though)
215799 4 0 All ISO normal High --- Help on the CD's grub menu doesn't pause
216097 3 0 All ISO critical High --- grub fails to read config (several different reasons)
270983 8 0 All ISO major High --- [kernel specs] set CONFIG_USB_HID to "y" to provide better keyboard support
370331 4 0 All ISO enhancement Normal --- (U)EFI-supported install media
407369 2 0 All ISO normal Normal --- Make livecd usb-bootable
30100 2 0 Alsa Configuration Guide normal High --- Hungarian translation of the alsa-guide
92622 4 0 Alsa Configuration Guide normal High --- New ALSA Guide
128613 3 0 Auditing major High --- libXfont-1.0.0 contains unresolved symbol serverClient
221759 2 0 Auditing normal High --- net-misc/openssh blacklist feature for known weak keys (CVE-2008-0166)
71 5 0 Bugzilla normal High --- Can't attach file from show_bug page
16172 6 0 Bugzilla normal High --- attachment fails
24976 3 0 Bugzilla critical High --- error adding attachement, but the attachment still adds

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What are "Most Frequently Reported Bugs"?

The Most Frequent Bugs page lists the known open bugs which are reported most frequently, counting the number of direct and indirect duplicates of bugs. This information is provided in order to assist in minimizing the amount of duplicate bugs entered into Gentoo's Bugzilla, which saves time for Quality Assurance engineers who have to triage the bugs.

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