Policies and links for accessing Gentoo Bugzilla with an automated bot/spider/code


What URLs are bots and automated scripts allowed to hit?

Unless you have a listed exception, the URLs below are the ONLY ones you are allowed to hit with bots.

robots.txt is your friend. It reflects these rules in a more detailed manner.

HTTPS should always be used, non-HTTP requests will be redirected to upgrade.


We do have some exceptions to the above. If you would like to apply for one, please contact us, stating your case clearly.

Bug listing links

Each of the links below is updated every 2 hours. They expose EVERY public bug, generated as a static file list.

Beware, as some of them are very large. If you want to explicitly fetch compressed versions, use .htmlgz as the suffix instead of .html. Browsers with compression support will also be transparently redirected to the compressed version.